Maimonides School

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 9.19.19

Working on our tree projects

Adding flowers to the trees the students made.

Adding orange and yellow suns

Cutting the circles that morah traced for the sun.

We love tunnels!


It was raining outside, but in our gym it was dry and happy.

We painted shells with watercolors.

We were very careful to paint the little shells!

Playing with red playdough is fun!!

“Lighting” the Shabbat candles

Saying Kiddush

What does this symbol represent?

What else is in the mystery box?

The mystery box is one of our favorites.

Can you blow the shofar?

Creating the water with blue watercolor and eye droppers.  

Green apples for our bulletin board

Making red, green and yellow apples.

Fine motor skills - putting pipe cleaners into the holes of the strainers.

Practicing our cutting skills.


Music class - meeting the friendly honey bee puppet.

Exploring the Rosh HaShanah basket.

Apple science experiment: In which jar of solution can we stop the apple piece from browning-- plain water, water mixed with baking soda, milk, or vinegar? 

We observed how the pieces looked at the start of the experiment.

We will check on them every day to see which is preserved best!

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 9.12.19


When the children are in the loft, they call to us, “Hello down there…” And we say back, “Hello up there…”

Painting flowers from small cups and egg carton pieces

Learning to walk in a line.

A nature walk around our school.

Showing our friends the natural objects we’ve found

Meeting more friends on the way.

We love the big tree on our front lawn!

Making trees from different materials.

Coloring coffee filters with eye dropper to make flowers.

Art class - painting with blue watercolors

We made our paintings look like water.

Music class - Morah Leah sings with Mousie and Cowie.

Learning to sing Rosh HaShanah songs

Science class - What will happen if you mix baking soda and vinegar?

A cool and colorful reaction!


Building together with Magna tiles. 

Playing with trains together.

Playing in the brand new playhouse we have on the playground. 

“Hello? Hello?”

Our class is very caring. We love making sure our baby dolls are all right.

Is the baby sleeping?

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 6.13.19

Coloring Har Sinai from playdough.

Zumba fun.

Decorating baskets for Shavuot.

Writing letters with feathers and black ink.

Making cheese cupcakes for Bikurim.

Making crowns for Shavuot.

Nadav Birthday

Making necklaces with our buddies in activity period.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 6.4.19

Celebrating Morah Mimi’s (Sophia’s mom’s) birthday.


Working together as a team to build.

A thumbs-up for the hard work of our friends.

Painting pieces of puzzle to create a class picture.

Operating a robot in science class.

Celebrating Yair’s birthday and Shabbat party with his parents.

Exploring the Torah with magnifying glasses.

Creating their own Torah with Hebrew stencils and sticks.

A completed personal Torah!

Learning about the Torah from a sofer, Rabbi Ben.

Making the first letter of their Hebrew names.

Cooking class: Making Har Sinai from chocolate cupcakes, with sprinkles for the flowers, and graham crackers for Luchot HaBrit.   

Making a mountain from playdough

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 5.30.19

Shoshana and Ashira making a picture of a medura with different materials.

Placing rocks on the CD to start the medura.


Adding different materials for the fire.


Collecting sticks for our model medura.

Building and enjoying the model medura.

Making the challah dough for Yom Orchim.

Trying to walk together with legs tied.

Making collaborative pictures with our friends.

Having fun with the six graders.

Making edible Torahs

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 5.24.19

Making pictures of our favorite foods.

Exploring our sense of taste.

Avishai is choosing a cup with a mystory food inside.

Yael is ready to taste.

Sophia is tasting the pretzel.

Making pictures with materials in different textures.

Using brushes with different prints.

Does the pillow feels different from the rug?

What object is under the cover?

Azariah guessed it was a marker!

Who is the friend in front of you?

Inventing new things in science class.

Can you smell what is inside the bottles?

Nadav liked the smell.

Amiel didn't like the smell.

Happy birthday Jacob.

Decorating signs for Yom Orchim.

Yair choosed Sophia’s name to make a picture for her.

Yael is asking Nadav what color paper he wants for his picture.

Handing the pictures they made for their friends.

Decorating frames for our guests pictures.

Shoshana asking Sophia what color beads she wants on the bracelet.

Handing out the bracelets they made for their friends.

Fifth graders reading buddies.

Davening with the six graders.

ECC 3 Photos 5.16.19


Making the Israeli flag using stencils.

Decorating popsicle sticks with different materials for each student’s Magen David.

Enjoying the Israeli flags!

Zumba class: Waving and marching with Israel flags right before Yom HaAtzmaut

Eating blue muffins for dessert in honor of Yom HaAtzmaut.

Science class: Coloring white flowers with blue dye.

Mothers’ Day project: Tracing different shapes, then coloring, cutting, and putting them in the oven for the plastic to shrink to the size of a key chain.

Using our sense of sight to draw different objects.

Going on a scavenger hunt to find the different objects we drew.

Making musical instruments from loose parts.

Shoshana made a drum, Amiel made a guitar, and Yael made two types of shakers.

We brought a whole box of instruments into the room!

It is fun to make music!

What musical instrument do you hear?

Activity period - what can you make from a dot?

Our buddies gave us great inspiration!

The new sign-in poster includes the names of the students in English and Hebrew.

ECC 3 Photos 5.9.19

Decorating the students names with loose parts.

Names scavenger hunt.

Counting the Omer with numbers and a abacus.

Making bubbles in science.

Making numbers with playdough.

Making invitations to Yom Orchim.

Writing names on the invitations.

Our reading buddies from Fifth grade came to us.

Happy birthday Yitzi!

Eretz Yisrael Sheli… Ve Yesh Lanu Bait, VeYesha Lanu Etz.

Singing Kachol VeLavan.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 4.3.19


First we painted one side of our papers.      

Then we folded them over to make a mirror image design on the other side.

Yael and Sophia folding the paper and rubbing it to transfer the design to the other side.

Yey! Yitzi has his design ready for the butterfly.

Ashira, Amiel, and Azariah cutting the colored paper to make the butterfly wings.

Adding the bodies and antennae to the butterflies.

Shoshana and Jacob wrapping a cardboard flower with yarn.

Avishai and Azariah coloring coffee filters with liquid watercolors.

Yair and Amiel found sticks on our walk to find signs of spring.

It was a great variation in our day to explore outside!

We brought the sticks inside.

Painting with natural materials.

Making caterpillars from egg cartons.

We opened our butterfly book to give us inspiration and to reinforce the idea of metamorphosis.

Yair adding legs to his caterpillar.

Celebrating spring during Hebrew Zumba class.

Yael and her mom during the Shabbat party.

Avishai took out a Kiddush cup and grape juice from the mystery box.

Nadav smashing grapes with a toy hammer to make grape juice.

Yitzi and Jacob drinking the grape juice they made.

Karpas tasting with celery, parsley, and potato.

Sophia tasting the celery after dipping it in salty water.

Avishai is adding his favorite karpas to the chart.

Shoshana making a picture of the celery

Learning the difference between challah dough, which we made with yeast, and matzah dough, which we made without yeast.

Making both a challah and a matzah from the different doughs.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 3.28.19

Even royalty takes calls sometimes!

Playing in the fours class was very interesting and exciting.

Mixing the ingredients for hamantaschen

Folding the hamantaschen into triangles.

The girls “lighting” the candles with Libi from the twos during Shabbat party.

Haman leads the king’s horse around Shushan

Mora Hamans and more horses!

Purim carnival games!

Working on our throwing skills at the carnival

Pin the tail on the donkey!

Ninja turtles at the carnival!

Trying our hand at the bowling game

Using our concentration and coordination!

A little help with the heavy hammer

Practicing our accuracy

Luigi and Spiderman teamed up

This is so fun!

The fifth graders kindly showed us how to play the games

This game was quite popular

Everyone had a great costume!

Adding the liquid watercolors to the coffee filters

Each one turned out beautiful

Using eye droppers was good for our fine motor skills.

Wrapping cardboard flowers with yarn.

Our reading buddies from fifth grade.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery for 3.22.19

Making a puppet of Mordecai using different materials.

Making raashanim (groggers) from CDs and colored stones.

Face painting is so much fun!


Sophia’s and Avishai’s family in the Shabbat party.

Making masks - tracing, cutting, and decorating.

Do you know who is behind the mask?

Singing Purim songs with noise makers.

Making funny faces during Purim songs.

Decorating boxes, paper bags, and fabric bags for mishloach manot.

Fourth and fifth graders came to visit us!

They helped us decorate Purim masks.

They were very helpful and it was a lot of fun!

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 2.14.19

In Morah Leah’s Music class, we learned Purim songs and shook maraca groggers!

We each made our own groggers using loose parts, like googly eyes and tiny bells.

We decorated the outsides with scraps of fabric, stickers, and foam shapes.

Each one came out beautiful and unique!

The court records keeper reads to King Achashverosh of Mordechai’s good deed!


Nadav put on the three-cornered Haman hat and gave us his best Haman face!

We hung up images from the Purim story and the children loved pointing out scenes they recognized.

Ready to parade!!

We got new tiaras in all the classes so everyone could be royalty!

Some of us were very precise with our decorations!

Practicing for the mishteh

Gasp! Haman’s treachery is revealed!

Purim masks are the best!

We have lots of queens in our class!

We painted our Shushan palace with gold and silver paint.

We like to act out the Purim story on our own every day!

ECC 3 Year Old Gallery 2.28.19


Gouוp One performing on Wacky Wednesday: Amiel, Shoshana, Sophia, Jake, and Yitzi.

Jake helping his sister Lily to make her own microphone.

Group Two performing: Nadav, Sophia, Roei, Yael, and Avishai.

Morah Tzipi’s birthday. Mazal Tov!

Roei dressed as the Kohen Gadol in Morah Marion’s Drama class.

Yitzi’s family at our Shabbat party.

We showed Roei the pictures that his friends had made for him  

Yael, Yitzi, Shoshana, and Amiel “fixing” the loft.

Avishai and Amiel making signs.

Yael, Azariah, and Yair writing the letters for the one of the signs.

The construction items that were in the mystery box.

Shoshana and Amiel using the hammers to nail the wooden pegs.

The students are working hard!


Building towers together.

Shoshana and Yair making roads together.  .

5th grade reading buddies are always great!

We spread out to all areas of the classroom.

We always pair up with the same 5th graders each time they come

This way, we can get to know our big kid partners better!

Reading is so interesting!

Tuesday afternoons are for Obstacle Course class with Morah Shaina!

It’s always a lot of fun!

3 Year Old Gallery 2.14.19

Ashira, Amiel, and Jake adding a road כביש kvish to their Eretz Yisrael Sheli project.

Yael and Sophia using playdough to make a bridge גשר gesher.

Yael is building the Shulchan השולחן (Table) in the Mishkan.

Shoshana and Yair making the Menorah with gold materials.

Roei and Jake wrapping a block with gold paper to make the ramp for the Mizbeach (Altar).

We hosted the fours to share the Mishkan we built.

Nadav is using small scoopers to put the colored salt into the jar.

Avishai scooping the colored salt carefully.

Decorating the capes for the Wacky Wednesday show.

Each student did something a little different.

Roei is decorating an invitation to our show.

Azariah choosing his favorite song, ‘Kach Nolad HaTzeva כך נולד הצבע’  (“Thus the Color Was Born”) to sing on the show.

Yitzi adds his vote to the song list.

Shoshana, Amiel, and Yair using watercolors to reveal a drawing they made with white crayons.

Coloring paper rolls for the microphones.

Adding stickers to the colored paper rolls.

Ashira is playing on Morah Leah’s piano.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 2.7.19

The Kochavim Falafel Stand on Wacky Wednesday.

Serving the fours class pita, hummus, pickles, salad, falafel, and orange juice.

Each customer chose what they wanted in their sandwich, and each of us was in charge of serving a different ingredient.

Would you like some fresh-squeezed orange juice?

Enjoying waffles in the twos’ store.

The freshly made pancakes and waffles were very good!

Making train tickets for our trip to the Dead Sea ים המלח Yam HaMelach.

We traced toy trains for our tickets.

We were very careful with our tickets!

Ashira and her family on her birthday/Shabbat party.

Coloring salt with chalk.

When we touched it with our hands, it colored our hands too!

It was fun!

Making pictures of Tel Aviv תל אביב in our passports.

We looked at the photos and then made our own versions.

Reading Buddies with the fifth graders.

Morah Robin teaching the students the “Chick Chick HaRakevet” while they are waiting to get on board the train to the Dead Sea.

All aboard!

Going by train to Yam HaMelach.

Ashira and Jake are exploring the salt/egg experiment.

The salt changing the density of the water was fascinating!

Making a house בית bayit for the “Eretz Yisrael Sheli” projects.

Making a tree עץ eitz for our projects.

Making a picture with glue, salt, and liquid watercolors.

Making chocolate balls: The first step was to crush the tea biscuits.

Putting all the crushed biscuits into the bowl.

The chocolate balls were delicious!

3 Year Old Gallery for 1.31.19

Making the Kotel using sponges dipped in paint.

Sophia, Yael, and Jake wrapping and painting boxes to be bricks of the Kotel.

The blocks that the students added to the Kotel.

Jake and Azariah decorating one of the gates of Jerusalem. This is the “Tiger’s Gate.”

The Lion Gate and the Kochavim Gate.

Avishai tracing a stencil of Jerusalem.

Ashira and Sophia added people and small blocks to the Kotel.

Roei was very careful not to knock any blocks over while he added people.

Yael and Amiel adding different paper pieces to our map of Israel.

Acting out the parasha with Morah Marion.

Azariah adding flowers to Har Sinai הר סיני (Mt. Sinai).

Sophia is tracing Luchot HaBrit.

Shoshana cutting the Luchot HaBrit she traced.

Yair decorating his Luchot with tiles.

Making a picture of Jerusalem in their passports.

Putting our messages to Hashem in our Kotel.


Putting the notes for Hashem on the Kotel.

We are waiting for the bus to Tel Aviv.

Punching a hole in the tickets to the bus.

Singing “The Wheels on the Bus” on the bus.

Making the sea of Yam Tichun ים תיכון.

Yitzi and Yair making the shore with sand, shells, and paint.

Making the mix for the falafel.

Rolling the falafel balls in our hands.

Shaping the falafel mix to balls.

Making signs for the falafel stand.

Cutting oranges for the orange juice.

The juicer is loud!

The fifth graders came for Activity Period on Tuesday afternoon and helped us make signs for our falafel stand and our shuk.

Making signs for the falafel stand and the shuk in Tel Aviv with the fifth graders.

ECC 3 Year Old Gallery 1.24.19

Making pictures of one of the Shivat HaMinim - Pomegranate רימון rimon.

The students used red markers, crayons, paint, and pieces of felt to make their rimonim.  

Avishai tasting an olive זית zayit, another one of the Shivat Haminim שבעת המינים.


Making pictures of barley שעורה s’orah by gluing real barley grains to paper.

Sophia and Yael exploring the wheat חיטה chitah.

Taking out the seeds from the wheat stalks.

Making pictures of wheat חיטה chitah using its seeds, yellow markers, crayons, and tissue paper.

Coloring milk cartons to make a pot for the grass plants.

Crossing the Yam Suf ים סוף (Red Sea) after Hashem seperated the waters.

The girls say the bracha over the candles during Shabbat party.

The boys make kiddush during Shabbat party.

Morah Tzipi opens a coconut for us to taste.

Painting Israeli flags.

Jake adding the Star of David מגן דוד magen David.

Working on coloring the bodies of water on the map of Israel.

Nadav looking at himself in the mirror and adding his self-portrait to his passport.

Waiting for the airplane to Israel.

Going through security and checking passports.

“Passport please!”

We are ready to go!

Taking a nap on the flight.

Making trees with the fifth graders using pretzels, grapes, raisins, and olives.

ECC 3 Year Old Gallery 1.17.19


Decorating trays with napkins.

Decorating besamim jars with the same type of napkins.

After Yael’s suggestion, we added to the kit a decorated kiddush cup.

Azariah mixes the batter for the cookies we served at the Havdalah event.

Cutting out cookies for the Havdalah event.

Leaving Mitzrayim מצרים (Egypt) during Drama class.

Jake and his family during Shabbat party.

Decorating a cardboard box to make a tree in the classroom.

Learning about Tu B’Shevat and the toys we have in class that made out of wood.

Exploring sensory boxes filled with objects that made out of wood.

Sophia used the wooden objects to create a farm.

Making shkediyot שקדיות (almond trees) from our handprints

Adding flowers using Q-tips and round foam pieces.

Making a picture of one of the Shivaat Haminim שבעת המינים - gefen גפן (grapes).

The next of the Shivaat Haminim שבעת המינים we explored was dates תמר tamar.

Making pictures of tamar תמר with markers, crayons, and fabric.

Our first Obstacle Course class of the year.

We even used wheeled dollies to slide under the limbo pole.

Tunnels are another big hit.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 1.10.19

Making frames for their vacation photos using stickers, tissue paper, foam shapes, and jewels.

Making a snowstorm in a jar in Science class.

It was very fun and exciting!

The girls “lighting” the candles during Shabbat party.

The boys started by “lighting” the candles again, then made kiddush.

Gluing black dots to represent lice kinim כינים.

Using different red materials to represent blood dam דם.

Playing with jumping frogs to represent tsfardayah צפרדע.

Acting out as sick animals to represent דבר dever.

Making a poster for ערוב arov with wild animals and a poster for דבר dever with sick animals on their backs.

Gluing foam dots and bubble wrap to represent bolies שחין shchin.

The students going over the makkot they made.

The students enjoyed putting on the masks of the makkot.

Mixing colors with liquid watercolors and eye droppers.

Nadav mixed colors and made indigo.

Our colors chart.

Lining up brown objects according to their shades.  

Painting on plastic bags.

Going over the painting with rollers and discovering the prints they made.

Making invitations to the Havdalah event.

Using watercolors on doilies placed on a standing frame picture.

Matching amounts to written numbers using our Unifix cube frame.

Going up and down the stairs made from Unifix cubes.

Sophia and Yitzi acting out Paroh saying, “No, no, no, I will not let them go.”

ECC 3 Year Old Gallery 12.14.18

Yael, Yitzi, and Amiel making menus for the Chanukah party.

Roei adding sour cream to the sufganiyot dough.

Nadav mixing the sufganiyot dough.

The children observing the mixing colors experiment.

Checking after an hour, what is new.

Shoshana and Yair were excited to see that “We have כתום katom.”

Making lines with pencils and coloring paper plates during Art class.

Sophia is making a print on a paper from her colored plate.

Look at Ashira’s beautiful print!

Jake mixing the dough for Morah Sara’s birthday cake.

Mazal Tov, Morah Sara! We love you!

Playing Morah Leah’s piano with a harp sound.

What a nice and soft the sound of the harp.

Yitzi making cookies in different shapes.

Yael and her buddy from fourth grade building with shapes.

Avishai’s buddies are helping him decorate his cookies.

We cut up the fruits to make juice.

We covered our ears while the juicer was running. Yitzi took a closer look.

Painting with the colors we are studying at the moment: red and yellow make orange!

Adding an orange to the juicer

Adding a lemon to the juicer

We brought in the food cart to serve our fresh juice

We made menus to offer our fresh juice to customers

Who wants juice?????

Morah Robin wants juice!

LaShanta and Morah Esther want juice!!

And we want juice!!!!!

It was so yummy!

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