Maimonides School

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 9.19.19

We learned about parshat hashavua from Morah Marion in Drama class.

We used apples to make prints on our papers.

We tasted different types of apples and then made a graph of which one was the tastiest.

We had a great time in Hebrew Zumba with Morah Irit.

We explored the inside and outside of pomegranates, and made drawings of what we could see.

We went for a nature walk to get outside on a rainy day.

We practiced the sounds of the shofar with the shofrot we made in school.


We love going through the obstacle courses that Morah Shaina sets up. We are really learning about all the ways we can move our bodies!

We counted over a hundred seeds in the pomegranate that we opened.

We explored a honeycomb and learned about the shapes that can be found in them. 

Morah Leah showed us where a shofar comes from as she taught us songs for Rosh HaShanah.

We practiced making pancakes out of playdough...

Then we made real pancakes and eggs for Tasty Tuesday lunch!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 9.12.19

We made self-portraits on the first day of school. 

Because we are the “Tziporim” (birds), we decided to look at real nests that Morah Yocheved found on a nature walk.

...Then we made our own nests out of loose parts!

We love going on our new playground!

We had so much fun at our first Shabbat party! All the girls were Shabbat Ima, and all the boys were Shabbat Abba!

We made the letter aleph out of large pieces from our EZ-Aleph set.

Then some of our friends tried making other letters or numbers.

We picked out objects for Rosh HaShanah from our mystery bag.

We practiced blowing on real shofrot, and some of us actually made sounds with the shofar!

We had our first Art class, when Ms. K. taught us about making textures when painting things like water.

We practiced making the numbers 3 and 9, like the number of shofar blasts in shevarim and teruah.

Then we learned about how the sound of shevarim is three medium-length blasts, and the teruah is nine short blasts. Morah Yocheved used blocks and cubes to help us understand the different lengths of the sounds.

We used recycled materials to make our own shofrot and then had fun “blowing” them in class.

In Science class this week, we learned about the reaction between vinegar and baking soda.  Morah Mimi made it extra fun by hiding a color under the baking soda so that the vinegar changed colors!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 6.13.19


We made crowns that said נעשה ונשמע na’aseh v’nishmah (we will do and we will listen). In Science class, we used special cubes to code the directions to give to our Kibo robots.

We made yummy edible Torahs.

Morah Yocheved taught us the chapter in Pirkei Avot that says we want to rush to do mitzvot as if were were as bold as a leopard, as light as an eagle flying, as fast as a deer, and as strong as a lion.

We made friendship necklaces during our final activity period on Tuesday with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 6.4.19

Last Wednesday, we celebrated Morah Mimi’s birthday with the whole ECC.


 We used clay to make bikurim for Shavuot.


 We later painted the bikurim to look like real grapes, pomegranates, olives, wheat, barley,

figs, and dates.

We also made pictures of Yerushalayim and the Kotel for Yom Yerushalayim.

 We looked at pictures of crowns and tried to design our own crowns for Shavuot.


 Here Rabbi Ben is showing us a piece of a real Torah and letting us feel how the letters are

raised from the parchment.


 Afterwards, Rabbi Ben taught us how to make really fancy letters with calligraphy pens,

and we got to practice making them ourselves.


 On Tuesday afternoon, we made Har Sinai cupcakes and decorated them with luchot.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 5,30.19

We prepared for Lag BaOmer by painting flames for our מדורה (medura/bonfire).

We put together our bonfire out of blocks and sticks and added some flames.

Then we danced around the fire with the fourth graders.

In drama we learned about how in the Shmita and Yovel years in Israel we let the plants grow and grow.

In science, we engineered bridges out of loose parts.

We painted special canvases and wrote a message for our special visitors.

Then on Yom Orchim we made bags with our guests.

We looked at spring flowers and drew what we saw on paper.

Later, we took the flowers apart and made beautiful collages on clear contact paper.

We went around the school looking for the Hebrew letters in our names.

During activity period, the big kids came and helped us make edible Torahs.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 5.24.19

We celebrated Morah Anna’s birthday with the whole ECC.

Morah Yocheved taught us about how all the Torah Chaggim that are reviewed in Parshat Emor.

We then went and played memory games to see if we could match the symbols of the holidays.

We looked in the Siddur to see if we could find the the letters from Aleph to yud.

We also looked for the letters M-A-Y in a poem about May that we read.

We built our Hebrew names out of loose parts.

In science, we became engineers and tried to build something from our imagination.

We made our English names by gluing or taping loose parts to paper

We played with treasure boxes to again try to build from our imagination.

Our fifth grade buddies came to read to us in Tuesday morning.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 5.16.19

In honor of Israel’s birthday on Yom HaAtzmaut, we decided we would pretend to go to Israel, so we made a Kotel in the block area.

Some of us made part of the Kotel out of paper.

The children added people davening at the Kotel, and soldiers fighting to save Israel for Yom HaZikaron.

We made passports so that we could fly to Israel.

At the airport, we had to get checked by security before we could get on the plane.

On Yom HaAtzmaut, we went to the Saval gym with the entire school and got to dance with the big kids in a huge Israel birthday celebration.

Then we marched in a parade around the school.

We also made messages to Hashem and put them into our Kotel when we visited on Yom HaAtzmaut.

We are working on letter recognition. Here, some children gathered all the letters of the alphabet to bury in a sensory box for others to find.

We also did a letter search to find all the letters in our names,then put the names on a large piece of paper.

We had so much fun with Morah Shaina in Obstacle Course class. This time, there was a lot of jumping involved.

Every other Tuesday, we have Activity Period with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. The older children taught us that we can make beautiful pictures by just starting with a dot.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 5.9.19

We drew pictures of flowers and counted the petals to make math problems.we made happy faces out of loose parts

When we decorated our table cloth for Shabbat party, the children drew lots of different emotions.

we blew bubbles using the bubble solution we made in science class.we acted out being angry. Here are some very angry faces.We made math problems using unifix cubes to find different ways to make twenty.

we planted flowers and vegetables with Morah Yocheved.we wrote journals about being scaredwe made special cards and wrote messages for our moms.

we made a special project for Mother’s Day with vases cloth and tissue paper .

ECC 4 Photo Gallery

We explored the Seder plate and tried to make our own charoset.

We explored different chametz and kitniyot grains and made pictures using grains we had ground ourselves in our handmill.

We used a light box and magnifying lenses to check romaine lettuce for bugs.

We acted out the story of Pesach. Here the Egyptians are hurting the Jewish slaves and making them work hard.

Morah Robin came to our room and helped us make grape juice with our feet like they used to long ago.

The students are working hard on their Haggadot.

The students found chametz in their lunches or in the room to help them understand the meaning of chametz in the Mah Nishtanah.

The students picked out blocks to make their own pyramids.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 4.4.19


 We made buildings and cities using blocks and shaving cream as mortar.


 We put out cups to see what the children would make, and they not only built pyramids but an entire city.


 We worked together to make four special cups for our bulletin board about Pesach.


 We started working on our Haggadahs. Bella is helping Shiraz trace her hands for her Urchatz page.


 We squeezed grapes to make juice. Look how much came from five grapes.


 Exploring the Seder plate with Morah Yocheved.


 Morah Yocheved taught us how to check for bugs on lettuce or parsley.


 We did a karpas taste test. We tried parsley, celery, and potato to see which we liked best.


 We ground up different grains to see what types of flour came out.


 During Music class, we got rags and pretended to clean the room as Morah Leah sang a special cleaning song.


 We learned about how B’nei Yisrael carried the matzot in baskets on their heads then Morah Leah led us around the room.



 We made two kinds of dough, one with yeast and one without, and made observations about the differences between the two.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 2.28.19

בס"ד March 26, 201

 All the Tziporim came into school in amazing costumes on Shushan Purim!


 At the Purim carnival, we played games with the fifth graders’ help.


 We practiced making and reading the word Pesach in English with play dough.


 Morah used a mystery box to help find out what the students already knew about the symbols, story, and traditions of Pesach.


 The students explored the texture of burlap, and how the imprint it makes with a crayon rubbing on paper looks remarkably like matzah


 The students painted a box to turn it into a brick oven for matzah baking.


 They covered another box with red “bricks” made out of paper.


 The students used circles and squares in the room to make matzah paper to play with.


We took different heavy things in the room and carried them around to help us understand how Bnei Yisrael felt as slaves carrying the bricks to make Pharaoh’s cities.


 We explored how brick walls are made with mortar in between to stick it all together.


 Next we made our own “mortar” out of flour, salt, water and straw as that was also some of the work Bnei Yisrael did.


The final step was to work together to build a structure using recycled materials and our mortar.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 3.22.19

 The kindergarten came to teach us a weather game they had made in Hebrew.



The children made castles for Purim.



We had Daniel’s birthday party last Friday.


Morah Mimi and Morah Irit did beautiful face paint for us for Purim!


It was so nice to be out in the sun this week.


We explored the Megillah.  The children looked for letters in their Hebrew names.

The children set out a mishtei (feast), which is one of the four special mitzvot for Purim!


We decorated groggers for drowning out the name of Haman.


We also made yummy hamentashen!


 We had fifth grade visitors.  The elementary school had crazy hat day, and Dovid wore one to match his brother.

  “We’re making a gigantic castle with a million layers.”

We had so much fun dressing up together in honor of Purim coming!

We baked Hamantaschen and made sure to check the eggs before pouring them in!

We made sure to stir in each ingredient!

We decorated our Hamantaschen with sprinkles before putting them in the oven.

We decorated bags for mishloach manot to give to our families and friends.

We had a blast helping each other out on the playground.

We loved building towers with pegs!

We decorated faces, crowns, and clown hats using all different materials!

It was so silly when we traced our hands and painted the nails of the tracings with nail polish!

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 3.13.19

The children used blocks to make an outline of the palace in Shushan.


 It was so much fun playing in the snow last week!

We took out some Purim costumes last week and have been dressing up as queens,,,

...and kings.


 We painted a box to be the puppet theater so that we could use our puppets to act out the story of Purim.

In Science, we made elephant toothpaste!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 3.7.19

We started learning the letters ם/מ and M, which come at the end of the word Purim, and also make the beginning sound of the special mitzvot of Purim: משתה/mishteh (feast), משלח מנות/ mishloach manot (gifts of food), מתנות לאביונים/matanot l’evyonim (giving tzedakah), and מגילה/megillah.

In Drama last week, we learned about all the work that Bnei Yisrael did to make the Mishkan, which all had to stop on Shabbat.

We started making puppets of the characters in the Purim story.

We explored what shapes we could use to build castles.

We also explored shapes by putting them on a projector and seeing how they looked on the wall. Some of the girls decided to make castles on their own.

We traced the letters P-U-R-I-M with loose parts.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 2.27.19

 Each child made a unique Choshen Mishpat by figuring out how to attach twelve egg carton pieces to a piece of oak tag and then decorating each to make them look like the special stones on the real Choshen.  


 The children work together to make bottles or other containers into puppets for us to use in retelling the Purim story in our class.  


 After talking about the Purim story taking place in a palace, the children went to the block area and created their own castles using wooden blocks and tunnel pieces.  


Other children made a castle out of magnatiles.


 We celebrated Morah Esther’s birthday with all of the ECC in our classroom.


 The fifth graders came to read to us.  They read us stories in English and Hebrew!


 In music, we made a Purim parade and danced to Mishenichnas Adar using a special dance that Morah Leah taught us!

 We went on a letter hunt around the school to find the Hebrew letters of Purim, פ-ו-ר-י-ם.



We took different objects out of a mystery box for Purim and one of the objects was a Megillah.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery for 2.7.19

We made pictures using loose parts and purple feathers after reading The Perfect Purple Feather by Hanoch Piven.

We used loose parts to make the letters R and I.

We used markers and water to make some fun coffee filters that we could later use to help us make the ice-cream flavors in our poems.

We celebrated Yeela’s birthday party in school at our Shabbat party on Friday.

We used translucent shapes to make letters and other images.

The fifth graders came to us for Reading Buddies activity and we loved it!

Going on a shape hunt outside in the warm weather

Continuing our ice cream theme.

The fifth graders did such a good job reading to us.

Working with clay

In Music class, we had dancing circles for the girls...

...and the boys!

We see some diamond shapes!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 1.24.19

When we can’t go outside, the children often have fun setting up their own obstacle courses.

We used loose parts to make faces, just like in the book Making Faces by Hanoch Piven

We added brown paint and/or paper to our Har Sinais to make them look more like mountains.

We made the letters R and S out of loose parts.

We counted out unifix cubes in amounts that matched the values of nickels, dimes, and quarters in cents.

We also sorted out actual nickels, dimes, and quarters.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 1.17.19

 We are still enjoying the ambulance in our classroom.



 Last Wednesday, Morah Irit taught us a new Hebrew song about a dancing doll (בוני בובוני / Boni Booboni)


Last week, we made Havdalah trays. They can be used at the end of Shabbat on which to place your kiddush cup, your besamim holder, and your Havdalah candle.

 Last Thursday, the Morahs put out treasure boxes with fun toys inside that we could build and play with.


 Yeela shared a book about the body that she had gotten from the Library.


 We finished up the makkot (plagues) from Parshiyot Vayeira and Bo. Here we colored the paper red and blue to represent fiery hail, and we added fabric that was colored like fire.


 We also made a black collage for darkness.


 Morah Mimi taught us about the word “reaction,” and we tested which liquids, when mixed with baking soda, made big or small reactions.


 Morah Yocheved taught us about germs and demonstrated for us how using a tissue can stop germs from spreading.


 After the lesson, we made our own germs using loose parts.


 We practiced making the letter ה and some of the other letters we had learned out of string and fabric.


We made almond trees (שקדיה) which are one of the flowering trees that bloom around this time (Tu B’Shevat) in Israel.

Obstacle courses with Morah Shaina were so much fun this week!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 1.10.19

We painted white poster board for the first makkah (plague) of blood. We made both blood and water, because Bnei Yisrael still had water, even when the Egyptians had none.

We made a snowstorm in a jar for the beginning of winter in Science class. We found that using alka seltzer tablets kept the “snow” moving up and down, so we kept the jars for a while.

Last Friday, Ellie’s parents came in and taught us some songs that we will be singing at the Havdalah event Saturday night.

Morah Marion acted out some of the makkot מכות with us. She taught us how to act out being sick animals for the punishment of dever דבר.

On Monday, we painted the backgrounds for our invitations to the Havdalah party! We hope to see you there!

We painted bones onto our body tracings.

We acted out more makkot with Morah Leah. In this photo, we are צפרדע tzifardayah/frogs.

Here all the children are the Mitzrim (Egyptians) with boils shchinשחין.

And here we are pretending to be hail as we jump off the chairs (which we know we only do with Morah’s or parent’s permission).

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 12.13.18

We acted out the story of Chanukah. Elhanan was the lookout to warn the Jews when the Yevanim (Greeks) were coming.

We prepared for our Chanukah party by cutting up apples for applesauce.

We had Chanukah/Rosh Chodesh pizza in the cafeteria with the Elementary School for the whole school’s Mesibat Chanukah party!

On Friday, it was so nice out that we decided to daven outside on the playground!

On Monday the Morahs gave out magnifying lenses, and the children went around looking for missing marker caps.

Because we had fun making menus last week for our parents, on Tuesday, we used magnifying lens to look at real menus to find kind of information is on a real menu.

We made a list with Morah Yocheved of words that start with /d/.

We made the letter D with our bodies.

We painted the letter D on papers on the table...

...and on big easel paper.

We also made /D/s with loose parts.

We celebrated Morah Sara’s birthday together with the whole ECC!

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