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Maimonides School Calendar Instructions


Here are some simple suggestions to help you use this calendar and adapt it to your specific needs.

  1. Select which calendars you would like to see displayed.
    1. The default setting is "View All."  Leave "View All" checked if you want to see everything that is happening at the school during the selected timeframe.  If you do not want to see all events, uncheck "View All" and select which calendars you would like to see.
    2. IMPORTANT: The calendar for "All Schoolwide Events" must be checked so that you will see important information about the schoolwide schedule, such as all-school dismissals and days when school is closed for all divisions.  This calendar does not include information specific to individual divisions.
    3. Select calendars for the divisions which your children attend in order to see important information about events in those divisions.  As mentioned above, the division calendars do not include information about all-school dismissals, which is listed in the "All Schoolwide Events" calendar.
    4. Select any other calendars you would like to see on your screen (Admissions, Alumni, Sports).
    5. When you have finished making your selections, wait for the calendar to reload (this will happen automatically).  The screen will then display your customized calendar.
    6. NOTE: Your settings will not be saved.  You will need to select your calendars each time you view the school calendar on the website.  However, if you choose to subscribe to the calendar, you will only need to select the calendars for your subscription once.
  2. Select whether you would like the display to show a Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly, or Daily calendar (the default is Monthly).
  3. Select whether you would like the calendar to be shown in Grid or List format (the default is Grid).
Note: This calendar was last updated in August 2019. For up-to-date information please refer to the online calendar.

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