Chevra Shas of Boston חברה ש"ס של בוסטון

The Chevra Shas is one of the oldest active associations in Boston, first founded in the 1880s as the city's premier group dedicated to the advanced study of the Talmud and commentaries. It was the Chevra Shas which brought the Rav zt"l to Boston in December 1932 to be its teacher and chief rabbi.

The Chevra Shas continues to maintain many of its long-standing programs, such as the Sunday morning Gemara Class at Maimonides (weekly at 9:00am, following breakfast) in partnership with the Maimonides Kehillah, and a Chagiga celebrating the year's Torah study on Shemini Atzeret.

This year, the Chevra Shas is studying the Second Chapter of Avodah Zara with Rabbi Yaakov Jaffe, studying topics that relate to "Idolatry, Kashrut, and Interfaith Relations."

All members of the community are invited and welcome to attend all programs of the Chevra Shas. For additional information, please contact