Serving Our Community שירות לקהילה

Maimonides School always has regarded itself as an institution serving the Greater Boston Jewish Community. The original bylaws called for the school “to promote literary and educational, charitable, and benevolent movements in the community…” The school’s worldview was expressed by its founder, Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik: “The Jew must share in the destiny of his people and be concerned with the destiny of mankind.”

This philosophy is personified at the grass-roots level by student activity. Even the youngest children share their exuberance with visits to residences for the elderly. For over a decade the school has sponsored Gittel’s Kitchen, Greater Boston’s only kosher soup kitchen, which is entirely student-run. Each year, our Project Shalom connects individual seniors for volunteer service with a wide range of Jewish and non-sectarian communal agencies and institutions.

Maimonides student musical groups are ambassadors for the school, performing at public events like the community Holocaust memorial as well as influential gatherings like the national donors conference of the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education.

As a national landmark of traditional Judaism, Maimonides is a nucleus for community education. The school frequently sponsors lectures and presentations by renowned scholars and Jewish leaders. Ma'ayan, the region's Torah studies institute for women, began in the classrooms of Maimonides School and continues to hold sessions there. The school also sponsors a shomer Shabbat Boy Scout troop, Troop 54.