Arvut (Responsibility) -- Theme of the Year

Theme of the Year Song video, above, was produced by senior Arthur Bloomfield with music and lyrics by Andrew Malkin, ES music teacher, and Benji Hain, MS director of student life.

Maimonides School’s first theme of the year is Arvut, translated as “mutual responsibility.”

“All 550 of our students will spend the year learning about the various circles of mutual responsibility, and teaching one another through art, music, drama, and text study,” said Naty Katz, head of school, in a letter to the community.” We believe the lessons inherent in this important theme will be experienced in a unique and profound way due to the multi-sensory nature of the project.”

Coordinating the introduction and all of the thematic activities this academic year is Benji Hain, Middle School director of student life, who leads experiential learning schoolwide.

Watch the Arvut movie (below) documenting the arvut kickoff event!

The first part, viewed by individual grades, is a story about a substitute teacher who boasted to his students that he never needed anyone’s help. Then as part of a science experiment, he was transformed into a small household pet. After he was restored through his students’ intervention, the teacher professed a new appreciation of the concept of arvut.

The conclusion was presented as a live performance on the Brener gymnasium stage to an unprecedented assembly of students in Grades 1-12  featuring Reena Slovin, associate principal, Elementary School, with seven actors from Grades 1, 2 and 3. 


 Professor Fluff Returns!!


Professor Fluff's Arvut Bakehilla Adventure from Maimonides School on Vimeo.