Maimonides Middle School Daglanut

Student Support Services תגבור למידה

Maimonides School believes that every student should have the opportunity and support to succeed in school. We provide the tools and resources necessary for students with a range of learning needs to access the curriculum at Maimonides and grow as students and members of the Jewish community.

Since Maimonides began offering support services, our program has expanded its scope which has allowed students with a diverse range of needs to attend our school. Together with learning specialists, teachers, parents and administrators, an education plan is developed for each student based upon the results of educational and psychological testing administered by outside providers. This team approach ensures that students receive the intervention and accommodations that they need. Our professional staff includes special educators in General and Judaic Studies including reading and math specialists, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists and learning specialists from Gateways: Access to Jewish Education, an organization dedicated to helping students thrive in Jewish day schools by providing on-site special education support services. Students who previously would not have been able to attend Maimonides can now graduate with a Modern Orthodox Jewish education.

Support Services for Elementary School

Elementary School Support Services are offered through in-class and pull-out intervention models, and children are seen individually or in small groups. Learning specialists work closely with classroom teachers in all areas of the curriculum and are particularly sensitive to finding ways to work with a student to minimize disruption to the student's routine. A full-time social worker assists students with personal and social issues and is available to consult with parents and teachers.

For more information about Elementary School Support Services, please contact Maxine Zizmor, Case Manager for K-5, or Brenda Hefter, Director of Support Services.

Support Services for Middle and Upper School

Middle School students receive support through the Study Zone, while our Upper School students utilize the Edelman Learning Center. Students receive content support within the context of their course work in the areas of English, Social Studies, Math, Science and Limudei Kodesh and work on strategies necessary for a successful school experience. Ongoing communication between learning specialists, grade deans, faculty and parents is an important component of our program. The Middle and Upper School students experience tremendous growth during these years, and we encourage our students to become self-aware learners and advocates. A full-time social worker in the Middle School and a full-time social worker in the Upper School work with students, faculty and parents around social and emotional issues. For more information about Support Services for the Middle and Upper School, please contact Brenda Hefter, Learning Center Director, at 617-232-4452 x106 or