Maimonides School baseball

Athletics ספורט

"By keeping the body
healthy and sound,
one walks in the ways of God."

—Maimonides (Hilchot Deot 4:1)

Interscholastic and intramural athletics are an extension of the classroom at Maimonides School. Students learn the importance of conditioning, teamwork and fair play; they are able to develop a healthy attitude toward competition.

Go M-Cats!

M-Cats The Maimonides M-Cats are a member of the MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association). They compete with a variety of other schools throughout the state, in regular-season and tournament games.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Maimonides Athletics, please contact Hal Borkow, Director of Athletics.

Below is a list of athletic teams available specifically for Middle School students:

Interscholastic Boys' Teams Interscholastic Girls' Teams
Middle School Basketball Middle School Basketball

Students in grades 7-8 can also try out for JV and Varsity teams.


Intramural teams, separate from the M-Cats, engage all interested students in the physical activity and friendly competition that enhance the school's overall academic experience.

Intramural Teams  (student-organized)