Strengthening the next great Jewish generation...together!

Supporting Maimonides תמיכה בישיבת רמב''ם

The next Jewish generation depends on us…and you!
We prepare our students to have an enduring impact on Jewish communities here, in Israel and around the world.


  • Nurturing all learners

  • Inspiring critical thinkers

  • Fostering lifelong friendships

  • Maimonides School -- strengthening community

  • Maimonides School -- an inseparable bond with the state of Israel

  • Maimonides School -- expanding horizons through technology

  • Maimonides School -- putting chesed into action

 What does my gift do?

Annual campaign gifts allow us to:

  • Promote a well-rounded experience for our students with dynamic and relevant extracurricular programming
  • Support our faculty with professional development opportunities
  • Your support allows us to continuously improve our dual-curriculum instruction while ensuring that our program remains available and affordable to all our families.

 Who gives?

Everyone -- parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty and friends! We are grateful to our entire community and extended circle for supporting our campaign. Every gift is meaningful -- no matter the size of the donation.

 How do I make a gift?

To donate now, please click the donate button.

Or, you may mail a check to: Ellen Pulda, Development Office, 34 Philbrick Road, Brookline, MA 02445, or phone 617-232-4452 ext. 423.