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Citations and Bibliographies

What is a Bibliography?

Exactly What do I include in a Bibliography?

Tools for Creating Bibliographies


What is a Bibliography?

An important part of writing is to give credit to your sources. You do this by creating a bibliography, a list that describes each information source (books, websites, magazine articles, and so on) that you used to do your work. Each entry in your bibliography is called a citation and includes details about the item you used, such as the author, title, and publishing date. This information also helps others who read your work to find more information on the subject.

Exactly what do I include in a Bibliography?

Your bibliography should have a citation for every information source that you use. The kind of details you include for each citations depends on what kind of sources you use and the the formatting style you are using.

  • Types of Sources: The kind of details you need to include in a citation depends on the kind of item you used for your research. For example, if you use a book, you include information like author, title, publisher, and publishing date. However, if you use a website, you'll need to include the web address and date that you read the information. A magazine article is different because you need to include information such as the issue and page numbers where the article can be found. There are MANY different types of sources and details to include- fortunately, there are also a lot of excellent software tools to help make most of the process quick and easy.
  • Formatting Styles: There are a number of different formatting styles. Each one controls characteristics like how lines of text are indented, how text is formatted, and how a citation is punctuated. If you are unsure about which one to use for a project, ask your teacher. Most teachers at Maimonides have students use the MLA style. Again, you'll be using a software tool to create your bibliographies so most of these style rules are followed automatically. It's just important to know that the styles are different and be aware of which one your teacher expects you to use.

Tools for Creating Bibliographies

There are a many tools and websites available to help you create a bibliography. Most, let you select the style you want to use (usually MLA), add your information sources (books, websites, etc.) and then generate a correctly formatted bibliography to include in your project or report.

Tools/Websites for Creating Citations

  • NoodleTools is an excellent suite of citation tools that the school subscribes to. See the librarian to get the password to set up your own account where you can save and build a source list at school or at home.
  • BibMe is another favorite student site for creating citation lists.
  • The Citation Machine generates your source list entries for you in one of several formats.

    Sites for Information on Different Citation Styles/Rules