Maimonides School

Our Mission

The Early Childhood Center (ECC) is a learning home that celebrates childhood. It's a place where every child is BIG - where what children think and feel is paramount, to every educator and to themselves.  It's a place that allows children both the opportunity for structured learning and growth, and freedom to play with and learn from their natural environment. We give our children the opportunity to explore who they are within the safety of fierce and supportive love.The ECC should be nothing less than a childhood legacy - an experience that instills a love of learning and a love of self, and that generates the belief that their biggest, best self is good for the world.


The ECC is a learning community for parents. It’s a place to find support for building whole, healthy, happy families—productive families that build relationships panim l’panim, face-to-face outside of technology.   We are a place for spiritual growth and learning and a social community—a village of support, yiddishkeit, and love for building strong Jewish families.  The ECC builds enthusiasm, reverence, and love for the broader Maimonides community at the beginning of a child’s educational journey.


Nurturing all our students is at the core of our mission. From our youngest to our oldest students, we partner with parents, teachers, and specialists in our shared commitment to ensure that every student thrives, and that each student’s emotional, social, and learning needs are met.  

We are fortunate to have access to wonderful in-school resources, including the Maimonides health office and social worker, as well as Gateways: Access to Jewish Education, an organization that provides specialists to work with students requiring extra support.
Student Health
The health and well-being of our students is our top priority. Our nursing staff is always available to address the immediate needs of our students, administer prescription medication, provide health education, and consult with parents regarding allergies, immunizations, and food issues, as well as other medical needs.
Gateways: Access to Jewish Education:
Gateways provides specialized services above and beyond, and in coordination with, the school’s existing support services. Their staff includes occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and reading specialists who work with students in and out of the classroom, consult with classroom teachers, and meet regularly with Maimonides support staff and parents.
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