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Rosh Chodesh Pizza for Early Childhood and Elementary School Students

Celebrate Rosh Chodesh while supporting the PTA!  The PTA will deliver pizza slices to your child(ren) during lunch each month.  Advance signup is required for this popular Maimonides School tradition.
To sign up for Rosh Chodesh Pizza, please complete the Rosh Chodesh Pizza form.
The dates for Rosh Chodesh Pizza during the 2019-20 school year will be:
  • Tishrei - Thursday, October 3
  • Cheshvan - Wednesday, October 30
  • Kislev - Monday, December 2
  • Tevet - Friday, December 20 (Pre-Chanukah)
  • Shevat - Monday, January 27
  • Adar - Wednesday, February 26
  • Nissan - Thursday, March 26
  • Iyar - Friday, April 24
  • Sivan - Tuesday, May 26

Cost for Rosh Chodesh Pizza

Cost for ECC and Kindergarten students: 1 slice x 9 pizza days = $29.25
Cost for grade 1-5 students: 2 slices x 9 pizza days = $58.50
  • Prices include pizza slices only. Please send veggies, fruits, drinks and snacks with your child(ren).
  • If your child has a dairy or gluten allergy, please contact Frannie Weinograd for special orders.
  • We can only serve pizza to those children whose parents have ordered by the September 17 deadline.
  • Your pizza order will be billed in October through your Smart Tuition account.
Questions? Please contact Frannie Weinograd
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