Maimonides School

Our Giving Societies

Recognizing Our Donors

At Maimonides School, we are deeply grateful for the generosity of all of our donors. Every person's gift makes a real difference. Donors at the following levels make Maimonides School a priority for their charitable giving each year and are recognized as our top annual donors. Recognition is renewable annually.

Gevurah Society $10,000 or greater

Rambam Society $5,000 - $9,999

Torah U'madah Society $3,600 - $4,999

Chai Circle $1,800 - $3,599

Atid Circle, $1,000 - $1,799

In addition to our Giving Levels, we celebrate our many alumni, grandparents, and parents who support our annual campaign.

Chevrat HaLapid - Alumni Giving Society
Our graduates – over 2000 strong – are a global community with a steadfast connection to Maimonides School. We welcome all -- from our youngest grads to those who are more established in their communities -- to join Chevrat HaLapid.

Class of 2015-2019

$ 18 minimum gift

Class of 2010-2014

$ 54 minimum gift

Class of 2005-2009

$108 minimum gift

Class of 2004 and earlier

$180 minimum gift

Ateret Circle - Grandparent Giving Society
Our students' grandparents are an important part of our community and are honored in the Ateret Circle giving society. Grandparents making an annual campaign gift of $180 or more are welcomed into the Ateret Circle.
Tiferet Circle - Parents Giving Society
Parents of current students are invited to be part of this giving circle with a gift of $36 or more. 

A special thank you to the Beker Foundation
for this year's successful Alumni Challenge
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