Maimonides School

Jewish Life

Walking through our campus, you might encounter a guitar-carrying principal singing a niggun (melody) with a group of Upper School students, or a gathering of boys and girls in our Elementary School practicing their Hebrew during lunch at the shulchan Ivrit (Hebrew-speaking lunch table).
These special moments are part of an environment which focuses on Torah, mitzvot, and middot through engaging programming and dynamic experiential learning inside and outside the classroom. This rich and diverse Jewish life is at the core of the Maimo experience.

Shabbatonim and Chagim Celebrations

Shabbatonim comprise some of the most joyous moments at Maimo. From the in-school 8th grade Shabbaton for which our students and faculty prepare all the meals together, to our Upper School retreat at a local sleepaway camp, these events forge shared memories that our students treasure for a lifetime.
This same ruach (spirit) infuses our celebration of chagim, with students from all divisions often joining together for dancing and singing as one school.

Israel Connection

Ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel) is a hallmark of the Maimo experience. Our connection to Israel is woven into our curriculum with Ivrit b’Ivrit (Hebrew taught in Hebrew) instruction, as well as exposure to Israeli culture and the arts. B’nei Akiva shlichot (emissaries from Israel) join our school community each year, and special guest speakers allow our students to learn about Israel from a personal perspective. Our unique Upper School Israel Advocacy program culminates with our entire senior class participating in the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.

Milestone Events

Students and their families look forward to our milestone events, which highlight learning and growth. These joyous events include the 1st grade Chagigat HaSiddur (celebration on receiving a siddur), 2nd grade Chagigat HaChumash (celebration on receiving a chumash), 3rd grade Purim Play, 5th grade Siyum (completion of study), and 8th grade Aliyah (moving up ceremony), culminating with Commencement for our senior class.


Here at Maimo, we put chesed into action as students of all ages actively participate in tzedakah (charity) and gemilut chasadim (acts of loving kindness) through classroom activities and extracurricular clubs.
Our Upper School boasts half a dozen clubs devoted to chesed activities, including the student-run operation of student-founded Gittel’s Kitchen, the area’s only kosher soup kitchen.

Our entire school -- students, parents, faculty, and friends -- join together for our annual Yom Chesed, a day devoted to serving our greater community.

Jewish Experiential Learning

Learning how to be a good human being is a fundamental element of our philosophy. Each year we focus on a middah (value) and weave it throughout our curriculum. Our year-long, schoolwide focus on kehillah (community) for the 2018-19 academic year demonstrated to our students the importance of being a part of various communities, from their classroom community, to the school community, to the greater Boston Modern Orthodox community.
The initiative kicked off with a community Shabbat in October which included an all-school Shabbat celebration, a Shabbat meal exchange where dozens of Maimonides families hosted or attended Shabbat lunch with families whom they wanted to get to know better, and a Havdalah Kumsitz (sing-a-long) in Sharon.  
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