Maimonides School

Limudei Kodesh Texts and Sources

6th Grade Talmud
Pirkei Avot, Perek 1 Mishna 1
Rashi from Vayikra 24:20
Rashi from Devarim 12:21 (last Rashi)
Rashi from Shemot 34:32

7th Grade Talmud
Will study the question of what you do if you forget to daven one morning, found in Berachot 26a from the Mishnah to the "Meitivei" (four lines from the bottom)

8th Grade Talmud
Will study whether the rules of a guardian of an animal should differ from a guardian of vessels, found in Bava Metzia, Mishna on pages 33b through 34a (honors through "dekayma be'agam," all others through "Amar Rava" (three lines from the top) )
Talmud 9CP, 10H, 12H
Rabbi Goldman's classes will begin their study of Mezuzah in considering the way the letters are written in the Mezuzah, found in Mishna Menachot 28 and Gemara Menachot 29a (last 7 lines) - 29b (line 29)
Talmud 9H, 10CP, 11CP, 11H, 12CP
Rabbi Jaffe's and Ehrenkranz's classes will discuss the hanging Mezuzah, the Mezuzah behind a doorway, and the use of hinges to determine which side the Mezuzah should go on, found in the following sources:
Gemara Menachot page 32b, line 28, ve'amar Rav Yehudah amar Shmuel: tela'ah bemakel pesulah, to page 33a, line 11), as well as Rashi and Tosfot "sakanah" with 32b
Rambam Mishna Tora Hilchot Mezuzah Chapter 6, Halachot 1 and 13
Talmud Ivrit b'Ivrit 9-12
Mesechet Menachot 32b
Tosfot 31b "Rabbi Shimon ben Elazar"
Tosfot 32a "Ve'oseh revach," "Minal lechatchilah," "Dilma lehashlim"

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