Maimonides School

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 2.6.20

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 1.20.20

Building the Shulchan with magna-tiles

Building the Shulchan with blocks 

Making a mini model of the Shulchan 

The Shulchan is all put together

Tasting the sugar that goes into the challah dough...yummy! 

Mixing the challah dough

Kneading the dough with our hands

Shaping the dough into the shape of the Lechem Hapanim

Painting the fabric that goes around the mishkan

Grating carrots to make orange paint

Using our homemade orange and yellow paint for the Parochet, or curtain

Eithan was Shabbat Abba! 

Acting like wild animals in Drama class

Making different colors in Science class with acids and bases

Painting with watercolors in Art class

Colorful watercolor paintings

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 1.16.20

Making the Choshen with 12 stones that represent the 12 Shvatim.

Acting out the Parasha - Eyal as Yehuda getting his Bracha from Yaakov.

Acting out and making a project about the Brachot of Menashe and Efraim.

Celebrating Shabbat with all the girls and boys as Ima and Abba Shabbat.

Making a snow storm in a jar during science.


Making the Menorah that was in the Beit HaMikdash from playdough and painting in gold. 

Moshe in the Teiva in music class

Obstacle course . 

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 1.9.20

Welcome back!

Having fun with sensory activity - shaving cream.

Group effort making a transportation puzzle.

Practicing writing our names. 

Celebrating Eyal’s birthday - Happy Birthday!

Making crystals in science class.

Parashat HaShavua - playing the harp in Drama class.

Playing the keyboard as a harp during music class.

Making pictures of Beit HaMikdash בית המקדש.

Writing the words Beit HaMikdash in English and Hebrew.

Rapping blocks with gold papers for building the Beit HaMikdash.

Making Choshen - starting with painting cardboard paper in gold. 

Adding colored stones to the Chosen according to the colors of the tribes. 

Art class - the students added water colors to the art work they did before with strings.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 12.19.19

Playing with the Chanukiyah  - placing candles inside. 

Making one of the symbols of Chanukah from tape on canvas.


Coloring the canvas around and on the tape. 

Spinning dreidels dipped in paint.

Making “lava lamps” from olive oil and food coloring in science class with Morah Mimi.

Bonnie, the Ima shel Shabbat, and her family. 

Frying latkes on a plate pan. 

Making Chanukiyot from tiles. 

Gluing strings on paper in Art class.

The story of Chanukah - building the Beit HaMikdash. 

King Antiochus and the Yevanim came to Jerusalem on elephants.


They destroyed the Beit HaMikdash. :(

The Yehudim learned Torah in secret. 

When the Yevanim came, the Yehudim put away the Torah and played with dreidels. 

The Maccabim and the Yevanim fighting. 

The Maccabim fixing the Beit HaMikdash.

Listening to a story for Chanukah: “Gveret Keresh VuMar Maaroch” - Miss cutting board and Mr rolling pin.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 12.12.19

Parashat Vayeitzei in drama class - all the rocks came together and became one rock. 

Making ladders from loose parts.

Practicing literacy by creating A, B, א, ב  in different ways.  

Thank you Noah for your yummy cupcakes. Happy birthday! 

Celebrating Morah Sara’s birthday.

Introducing Chanukah with the chag symbols.

Coloring paper to create chanukiyot and sevivonim

Coloring paper to create chanukiyot and sevivonim

Coloring with watercolors after we draw with a candle on the paper. 

Tasty Tuesday, making sandwiches with cream cheese, hummus, mozzarella cheese, and egg.

Obstacle course class!

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 11.19.19

Clean hands ready to make challah!

Making challah for Parashat Toldot

The bracha for hafrashat challah

Last Friday, all of our girls were Ima shel Shabbat.

All of our boys were Abba shel Shabbat.

Breaking white crayons to melt into candles. 

Exploring pumpkins.

Parashat Toldot - using our sense of touch to feel the difference between Eisav and Yaakov. 

Making puppets of Eisav and Yaakov. 

Some finished puppets!

Acting out Eisav as hunters.

Acting out as Yaakov - learning Torah.

Acting out Yitzchak - using our sense of touch to identify who the friend in front of us was. 

Color-themed snack: Eating a red apple and drinking red water, like Eisav’s hair.

Mazal Tov cards for Bayla and Jakey.

Bayla’s baby brother’s Brit Milah.

Learning about Parashat Vayeitzei.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 11.14.19

For last week’s parsha, the student made a picture of Avram.

And added stars above Avram using markers, glitter glue, and tape.

We also made cookies in the shape of stars.

We made a maze from blocks and the students used people or cars to go through.

We also took our backpacks and went on the voyage to Eretz Cannan. 

We stopped for a pretend snack and found a “cover spot for the night.”

The student also added stars to the wall in Drama class.

In Science class we saw how soap makes the food coloring move away from it in milk.


Bayla was Ima shel Shabbat. Thank you for the yummy treats and challot.  

We had a menu of all the food we made for Tasty Tuesday. We also practiced the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim and invited the Tziporim to join us for lunch.  

During Yom Kef we had Israeli dancing.


Obstacle courses!

And we made our own ice cream sundaes.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 11.7.19

Thank you for coming to curriculum experience night.

The students made rainbows with paper plates and markers. 


The students made necklaces and bracelets with beads in the colors of the rainbow.

Mixing colors experiment - coloring the water inside the jars with the primary colors.

Observing how the colored water climbs up the paper.


That was the result we saw the day after - we got 3 new colors. 

Making a picture of Teivat Noah.

We made a Teiva from our tables with 3 levels.

The students went up to the third level of the Teiva.

We start every Parasha with a pasuk or two from the Torah.

The students match amount to number by placing the right amount of unifix cubes next to the right star. 

Playing a game of matching the number they got on a dice to the numbered stars and the correct amount of unifix cubes.  

Playing with sand like the sand in the desert.

Dipping our feet in paint and walking to make foot prints.

Dipping animals, cars and people in paint to make different prints.

Walking to Eretz Canaan with Morah Leah.

Playing together with instruments. 

Obstacle course class is so much fun!

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 10.31.19

Day 2 - “...Hashem made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament…”. (Bereishit  1:6-8).

We represented the Second Day using tape, markers, tissue papers, cotton balls, and more.

In Science, we learned about Day 2 by splitting the black and red peppers into two sides using soap.

Day 3 - the creation of the land. “...And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering together of the waters He called Seas.” (Bereshit 1:9-10).

We made it using tissue paper, string and sand.

Day 4 - Making the sun, moon, and stars using stickers, paper, and markers.

Day 5 - Making birds and sea animals.

Learning about Adam and Chava in Drama class.

Yakira’s birthday party - four generations together.

This week the students started to sign their names in the morning.


We started to explore the letters A and א in different ways. 

Parashat Noach - building Tevot from boxes and painting them. 

Adding people, animals and garbage into the different levels.

Sinking and floating experiment with different objects in the room.

Exploring sinking and floating with more toys.

Music class - we learned about the parasha and made our own rainbow.

After talking about the flood מבול, we did an experiment of rain clouds in a jar using shaving cream and food colors. 

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 10.23.19


The students made decorations for their Sukkah using tissue papers and contact paper. 

Yakira and Bonnie worked hard on the decoration for the Shul’s Sukkah

We explored the arba haminim (four species) in different ways.


We smelled each of the arba haminim (four species).

And we made a chart marking which of the minim (species) have taste and/or smell. 

The students each had a turn shaking the 4 Haminim.

The students also used their sense of touch to explore them.

The students made pictures of a Sukkah from loose parts. 

We visit Bonnie’s family sukkah. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and the special and yummy treats. We had a lot of fun.

Drawing with feathers and black paint, like the Sofrim of the Torah.

Making flags in honor of Simchat Torah...

...And marching with them around the room.


We opened the Torah together with the Tziporim.

We explored the Torah with magnifying glasses. 

We went to the shul and Rabbi Segal showed us the Torot in the Aron. 

We celebrated Shira’s and Moshe’s birthday. 

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 9.26.19


Making prints of a honeycomb on canvas by dipping bubble wrap in yellow paint. 

Making prints with apples dipped in yellow, red, and green paint.

Giving tzedakah after learning about this mitzvah in Drama class.

Imagining that we are pennies ready to go into the tzedakah box. 

Checking on our experiment of what solution preserves an apple the best. We found out that milk preserves the apple better than water, water with baking soda, or vinegar.

A taste test - which apple do you like the best? Red, yellow, or green apples? 

The students took their picture and placed them on the apple they like the best.

Science class with Morah Mimi - how can you make apple seeds dance?

Making Rosh HaShanah cards for our special grandparents.

Shabbat party with Noah and his parents.

After learning about the shofar, it was time to try and blow it.

Mr. Benji Hain is blowing the shofar according to the students' request.

We made a special visit to Beth El’s kelim mikvah to toivel the new vegetable peeler we got for the soup.


Cutting vegetables for the soup we made for Tasty Tuesday. 

Exploring a pomegranate/rimon רימון with magnifying glasses and spoons, before tasting the seeds. 

Tasting the pomegranate seeds - they were sweet and yummy for most of the students.

Tasting three kinds of honey: wildflower, clover, and silan, or date honey.

The students placed their pictures under their favorite honey. 

Decorating a honey jar with air-dry “magic” clay, and adding sequins and glitter.


Visiting the shul!

Enjoying apples and honey at our Rosh HaShanah Tasty Tuesday lunch.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 9.19.19

Working on our tree projects

Adding flowers to the trees the students made.

Adding orange and yellow suns

Cutting the circles that morah traced for the sun.

We love tunnels!


It was raining outside, but in our gym it was dry and happy.

We painted shells with watercolors.

We were very careful to paint the little shells!

Playing with red playdough is fun!!

“Lighting” the Shabbat candles

Saying Kiddush

What does this symbol represent?

What else is in the mystery box?

The mystery box is one of our favorites.

Can you blow the shofar?

Creating the water with blue watercolor and eye droppers.  

Green apples for our bulletin board

Making red, green and yellow apples.

Fine motor skills - putting pipe cleaners into the holes of the strainers.

Practicing our cutting skills.


Music class - meeting the friendly honey bee puppet.

Exploring the Rosh HaShanah basket.

Apple science experiment: In which jar of solution can we stop the apple piece from browning-- plain water, water mixed with baking soda, milk, or vinegar? 

We observed how the pieces looked at the start of the experiment.

We will check on them every day to see which is preserved best!

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 9.12.19


When the children are in the loft, they call to us, “Hello down there…” And we say back, “Hello up there…”

Painting flowers from small cups and egg carton pieces

Learning to walk in a line.

A nature walk around our school.

Showing our friends the natural objects we’ve found

Meeting more friends on the way.

We love the big tree on our front lawn!

Making trees from different materials.

Coloring coffee filters with eye dropper to make flowers.

Art class - painting with blue watercolors

We made our paintings look like water.

Music class - Morah Leah sings with Mousie and Cowie.

Learning to sing Rosh HaShanah songs

Science class - What will happen if you mix baking soda and vinegar?

A cool and colorful reaction!


Building together with Magna tiles. 

Playing with trains together.

Playing in the brand new playhouse we have on the playground. 

“Hello? Hello?”

Our class is very caring. We love making sure our baby dolls are all right.

Is the baby sleeping?

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 6.13.19

Coloring Har Sinai from playdough.

Zumba fun.

Decorating baskets for Shavuot.

Writing letters with feathers and black ink.

Making cheese cupcakes for Bikurim.

Making crowns for Shavuot.

Nadav Birthday

Making necklaces with our buddies in activity period.

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 6.4.19

Celebrating Morah Mimi’s (Sophia’s mom’s) birthday.


Working together as a team to build.

A thumbs-up for the hard work of our friends.

Painting pieces of puzzle to create a class picture.

Operating a robot in science class.

Celebrating Yair’s birthday and Shabbat party with his parents.

Exploring the Torah with magnifying glasses.

Creating their own Torah with Hebrew stencils and sticks.

A completed personal Torah!

Learning about the Torah from a sofer, Rabbi Ben.

Making the first letter of their Hebrew names.

Cooking class: Making Har Sinai from chocolate cupcakes, with sprinkles for the flowers, and graham crackers for Luchot HaBrit.   

Making a mountain from playdough

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 5.30.19

Shoshana and Ashira making a picture of a medura with different materials.

Placing rocks on the CD to start the medura.


Adding different materials for the fire.


Collecting sticks for our model medura.

Building and enjoying the model medura.

Making the challah dough for Yom Orchim.

Trying to walk together with legs tied.

Making collaborative pictures with our friends.

Having fun with the six graders.

Making edible Torahs

ECC 3 Photo Gallery 5.24.19

Making pictures of our favorite foods.

Exploring our sense of taste.

Avishai is choosing a cup with a mystory food inside.

Yael is ready to taste.

Sophia is tasting the pretzel.

Making pictures with materials in different textures.

Using brushes with different prints.

Does the pillow feels different from the rug?

What object is under the cover?

Azariah guessed it was a marker!

Who is the friend in front of you?

Inventing new things in science class.

Can you smell what is inside the bottles?

Nadav liked the smell.

Amiel didn't like the smell.

Happy birthday Jacob.

Decorating signs for Yom Orchim.

Yair choosed Sophia’s name to make a picture for her.

Yael is asking Nadav what color paper he wants for his picture.

Handing the pictures they made for their friends.

Decorating frames for our guests pictures.

Shoshana asking Sophia what color beads she wants on the bracelet.

Handing out the bracelets they made for their friends.

Fifth graders reading buddies.

Davening with the six graders.

ECC 3 Photos 5.16.19


Making the Israeli flag using stencils.

Decorating popsicle sticks with different materials for each student’s Magen David.

Enjoying the Israeli flags!

Zumba class: Waving and marching with Israel flags right before Yom HaAtzmaut

Eating blue muffins for dessert in honor of Yom HaAtzmaut.

Science class: Coloring white flowers with blue dye.

Mothers’ Day project: Tracing different shapes, then coloring, cutting, and putting them in the oven for the plastic to shrink to the size of a key chain.

Using our sense of sight to draw different objects.

Going on a scavenger hunt to find the different objects we drew.

Making musical instruments from loose parts.

Shoshana made a drum, Amiel made a guitar, and Yael made two types of shakers.

We brought a whole box of instruments into the room!

It is fun to make music!

What musical instrument do you hear?

Activity period - what can you make from a dot?

Our buddies gave us great inspiration!

The new sign-in poster includes the names of the students in English and Hebrew.

ECC 3 Photos 5.9.19

Decorating the students names with loose parts.

Names scavenger hunt.

Counting the Omer with numbers and a abacus.

Making bubbles in science.

Making numbers with playdough.

Making invitations to Yom Orchim.

Writing names on the invitations.

Our reading buddies from Fifth grade came to us.

Happy birthday Yitzi!

Eretz Yisrael Sheli… Ve Yesh Lanu Bait, VeYesha Lanu Etz.

Singing Kachol VeLavan.

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