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ECC 4 Photo Gallery 2.6.20

We had fun writing in our journals.

Last Wednesday Morah Anna brought in her dog Benny to share with our class.

We acted like locusts with Morah Marion, eating all the leaves on the plants until there was nothing left.

We showed the Kochavim the Aron that we made and put it in the mishkan that we put together. 

We made star shaped cookies for the milk and cookies Melava Malka.

We a mizbeach nachoshet (copper alter) to bring animal gifts to Hashem. 

Morah Yocheved taught us how to do weaving on a loom made from straws

Morah showed us pictures of all the steps of making bread from plowing the dirt to plant wheat seeds to baking dough in the oven.

THen we had fun trying to plow dirt ourselves. 

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 1.30.20

We made puppets, masks and/or picture representations of the first seven makkt in Parshat Va’eira.

We started making the letters in the English Alphabet using loose parts for our classroom wall.

Thank you to Yair and his parents for making Shabbat party so special last week. 

After working on the aron for a couple of weeks we finally put together all the pieces.

Then some of the children chose to write words in Hebrew to label the different parts of the mishkan.

Other children worked as a group to make a lion for the parochet, or curtain that separated the aron from the rest of the mishkan.

A third group of children decided that they wanted to build the Mizbeiach, or alter, where the cohanim brought gifts to Hashem. 

Some friends also went into the Kochavim’s room to “dye” some cloth for the outside of the mishkan.

On Tuesday morning we put out loose parts and invited the children to make whatever they could imagine and they made some really cool things.

We started doing some weaving which is one of the melachot done to make the mishkan. 

On Tuesday afternoon, we practiced teamwork in obstacle courses by two children having to pull two other friends around without bumping into anything.  It was so much fun!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 1.22.20

We made the letters for Parshat Shemot out of popsicle sticks.

We write or draw in our journals every week.

Last week we made baby Moshe dolls to put in baskets.

We built cities for “Pharaoh,” who made it hard by repeatedly changing the materials we could use.

The children acted out the makkah of dever when the animals got sick and died.

We counted the number of makkot that are in the week’s parsha.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 1.16.20

We introduced treasure boxes. The kids made fun pictures using the pieces inside.

In science last Thursday we made a snowstorm in a jar.

Last week Lia and her dad taught us how they do hamotzi in their house.

We are working on building the Aron kodesh with blocks.

we made a ש for the first letter of parsha shemot.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 1.9.20

Before vacation we had a visit from Judah Macabee who told us all about fighting the Yevanim and putting the Beit Hamikdash back to rights.

We also had fun making very oily pictures with crayons and olive oil for Chanukah!

After vacation, we made journals so that we could write or draw stories.

In drama class last week, the children pretended to be the brothers fainting in shock upon hearing that the ruler in Egypt was really Yosef.

Each of the children got to play the harp to Morah Marion, or “Yaakov Avinu,” to tell him that his son Yosef was still alive.

We then tried to make our own harps out of loose parts.

On Monday, Morah brought in some books about animals so that the children could think about the animal that they like best...

Then the children went to the tables and make a picture or a mask for our animal gallery.

On Tuesday, we put out loose parts again and let the children create whatever they wished to make. Many of them decided to make boats.

We started learning about the Parshat Vayechi.  We had the children practice making the Hebrew letters vav (ו), yud (י), chet (ח), yud (י). Here they spelled out the name of the parasha on the floor with their bodies.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 12.19.19

We had a great time experimenting with what would happen if we dipped dreidels in paint and then spun them on paper.

While learning about Chanukah, some friends made a Chanukiyah out of blocks.

Meanwhile other friends tried to make chanukiyot out of recycled materials.

The children had a lot of fun dressing up and reenacting the story of Chanukah.

In honor of the miracle of Chanukah, we did a science experiment where we made drops of colored water dance through oil.

We can’t wait to share the real chanukiyot we made out of tiles to take home and light on the holiday,

We made flames for the candles as part of our “costumes” for our Chanukah party.

We had fun jumping and dancing to Chanukah music with Morah Leah.

We had fun preparing veggies for Tasty Tuesday!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 12.19.19

Last Wednesday, we had so much fun playing in the snow after our snow day!


We made ladders, like in Yaakov’s dream. S

Some friends built a Beit Hamikdash out of blocks.


Last week, we all got to be Yaakov pushing the heavy stone off the well for Rachel in Charan.

We made the letters on the dreidel: nun, gimel, hey, shin.

We acted out part of the story of Chanukah. Here the children pretended to only be playing dreidel and not learning Torah.

We made umbrellas in art class on Monday because it was raining so much.

We made paper chains for a chanukiyah on our bulletin board.

We worked on costumes for our Chanukah performance.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 12.5.19

The whole ECC made challah dough together so that we would have enough to do the mitzvah of taking challah with a bracha for Parshat Chayei Sarah.

We made Shabbat candles and challah for Parshat Chayei Sarah.

We opened up some gourds and a pumpkin, pulled out the seeds, and counted how many were inside. 

We built a fire pit for Yaakov to make his soup.

We made our own “Ha’Adom ha’adom haze (red, red stuff)” when we made red oatmeal for snack.

The children each made unique Thanksgiving centerpieces that said something they were thankful for.

In Drama last week, we showed how Yaakov poured the red stew into Eisav’s mouth.

In art class, the children each made a musical instrument of their choice using chalk and loose parts.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 11.21.19

We did the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim by inviting the Kochavim to our classroom for a special snack we had prepared. 

We brought out some cool costumes and acted out the parsha last week. Here are the three melachim (messengers of Hashem) in Avraham’s tent.

Here are Avraham and Sarah getting food for their guests.

Two messengers are trying to help Lot and his family escape doomed Sodom…

...but Lot’s wife turned back and froze into a pillar of salt.

The students used different materials to make the letters of וירא Vayeira

Some friends also made pictures using glue and salt.

Morah Marion helped the students learn how to do a drama freeze as a pillar of salt.

We had a great time at our Shabbat / birthday party.

We made welcome signs to invite guests into our homes.

We made wells as a problem-solving activity for the parsha.

We also tried to use the model well that Morah Yocheved made.

The students all made beautiful jewelry for their friends.

In Art this week, the students practiced making specific shapes.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 11.14.19

We made a mazal tov card for Morah Robin on the birth of her new grandson!

We cut out the footprints we made to add to our bulletin board for Parashat Lech Lecha

We made stars out of our bodies in Drama last week.

We also made stars using shapes and paint to make prints.

We also drew some stars on dark paper.

In Science, we made colors move around in milk using soap.

We made different types of transportation that we have used to travel.

Last Friday, we celebrated Yael’s birthday.

We drew squashes and gourds for the fall.

At Yom Kef we had fun making ice cream sundaes…

...and dancing Israeli dances.

We made tents using loose parts.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 11.7.19

We acted out the story of Noach, and how all the bad people got stuck and could not get on the teivah when the rain started to fall.

We made a rainstorm with our bodies, and at the end we got together and made a rainbow.

The students went on top of the teivah that we made out of tables and chairs. They were the people on the top level, the toy animals were in the middle, and the “garbage” (crumpled paper) was on the bottom.

We learned the story of the tower of Bavel, and the students worked as a group to create a really tall tower that stayed up for a long time. It almost touched the ceiling!

After learning about Parshat Lech Lecha, the students decided to go for a trip in the “airplane” loft.

The students worked on making the letters L and ל for the beginning of Lech Lecha.


Even though we have moved on to the next parsha, making a teivah for the animals is still a favorite block center activity.

The students also explored different types of transportaion  in sand.

They are making a road and sidewalk.

We made luggage like the bags Avram may have packed to take on his journey to Canaan.

We counted objects to see how high we could count and if it would be enough to count all the Jewish people as Hashem promised that there would be so many.

We painted with our feet as we walked in the desert like Avram and Sarai.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 10.31.19

We explored the differences between fresh etrogim and dried ones.

We made the number seven in different ways

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 10.24.19

Getting inside the whale like Yonah.

Seeing if the boats we made for Yonah would float or sink.

Eating snack in the Reisels’ sukkah.

We made beautiful flags for Simchat Torah.

We paraded around the school with our flags.

We worked with the Kochavim to unroll an entire Sefer Torah!

We looked inside the Aron at the Torahs all dressed up for the holidays.

Being the arba haminim in Music class

Building sukkot out of blocks and sticks

Building sukkot on paper


Building sukkot from boxes and sticks

Sukkah hop!

Time to shake the lulav and etrog!

Getting creative in Art class

Writing with quills and ink like a sofer

Flags for Simchat Torah!

Touching the yad of the Sefer Torah

Hebrew Zumba with Morah Irit

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 9.26.19

We worked together to make a bee out of loose parts after looking at a model of a real bee.

We also took loose parts and made our own bees to hang up in the room.

In Drama, Morah Marion taught us about how Hashem wants us to do mitzvot with a happy attitude because we love the Torah. We practiced showing sad and happy faces while doing our jobs.

We made honey pots to bring home by decorating glass jars.

In Science, we made apple seeds dance up and down by making a reaction with vinegar and baking soda.

We had a birthday/Shabbat party. It was great having so many guests!

We made Rosh HaShanah cards for our grandparents.


Morah Mimi brought in real gourds, and we compared the sizes and shapes to shofrot

We learned from our morot how to sit and daven in a real shul.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 9.19.19

We learned about parshat hashavua from Morah Marion in Drama class.

We used apples to make prints on our papers.

We tasted different types of apples and then made a graph of which one was the tastiest.

We had a great time in Hebrew Zumba with Morah Irit.

We explored the inside and outside of pomegranates, and made drawings of what we could see.

We went for a nature walk to get outside on a rainy day.

We practiced the sounds of the shofar with the shofrot we made in school.


We love going through the obstacle courses that Morah Shaina sets up. We are really learning about all the ways we can move our bodies!

We counted over a hundred seeds in the pomegranate that we opened.

We explored a honeycomb and learned about the shapes that can be found in them. 

Morah Leah showed us where a shofar comes from as she taught us songs for Rosh HaShanah.

We practiced making pancakes out of playdough...

Then we made real pancakes and eggs for Tasty Tuesday lunch!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 9.12.19

We made self-portraits on the first day of school. 

Because we are the “Tziporim” (birds), we decided to look at real nests that Morah Yocheved found on a nature walk.

...Then we made our own nests out of loose parts!

We love going on our new playground!

We had so much fun at our first Shabbat party! All the girls were Shabbat Ima, and all the boys were Shabbat Abba!

We made the letter aleph out of large pieces from our EZ-Aleph set.

Then some of our friends tried making other letters or numbers.

We picked out objects for Rosh HaShanah from our mystery bag.

We practiced blowing on real shofrot, and some of us actually made sounds with the shofar!

We had our first Art class, when Ms. K. taught us about making textures when painting things like water.

We practiced making the numbers 3 and 9, like the number of shofar blasts in shevarim and teruah.

Then we learned about how the sound of shevarim is three medium-length blasts, and the teruah is nine short blasts. Morah Yocheved used blocks and cubes to help us understand the different lengths of the sounds.

We used recycled materials to make our own shofrot and then had fun “blowing” them in class.

In Science class this week, we learned about the reaction between vinegar and baking soda.  Morah Mimi made it extra fun by hiding a color under the baking soda so that the vinegar changed colors!

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 6.13.19


We made crowns that said נעשה ונשמע na’aseh v’nishmah (we will do and we will listen). In Science class, we used special cubes to code the directions to give to our Kibo robots.

We made yummy edible Torahs.

Morah Yocheved taught us the chapter in Pirkei Avot that says we want to rush to do mitzvot as if were were as bold as a leopard, as light as an eagle flying, as fast as a deer, and as strong as a lion.

We made friendship necklaces during our final activity period on Tuesday with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 6.4.19

Last Wednesday, we celebrated Morah Mimi’s birthday with the whole ECC.


 We used clay to make bikurim for Shavuot.


 We later painted the bikurim to look like real grapes, pomegranates, olives, wheat, barley,

figs, and dates.

We also made pictures of Yerushalayim and the Kotel for Yom Yerushalayim.

 We looked at pictures of crowns and tried to design our own crowns for Shavuot.


 Here Rabbi Ben is showing us a piece of a real Torah and letting us feel how the letters are

raised from the parchment.


 Afterwards, Rabbi Ben taught us how to make really fancy letters with calligraphy pens,

and we got to practice making them ourselves.


 On Tuesday afternoon, we made Har Sinai cupcakes and decorated them with luchot.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 5,30.19

We prepared for Lag BaOmer by painting flames for our מדורה (medura/bonfire).

We put together our bonfire out of blocks and sticks and added some flames.

Then we danced around the fire with the fourth graders.

In drama we learned about how in the Shmita and Yovel years in Israel we let the plants grow and grow.

In science, we engineered bridges out of loose parts.

We painted special canvases and wrote a message for our special visitors.

Then on Yom Orchim we made bags with our guests.

We looked at spring flowers and drew what we saw on paper.

Later, we took the flowers apart and made beautiful collages on clear contact paper.

We went around the school looking for the Hebrew letters in our names.

During activity period, the big kids came and helped us make edible Torahs.

ECC 4 Photo Gallery 5.24.19

We celebrated Morah Anna’s birthday with the whole ECC.

Morah Yocheved taught us about how all the Torah Chaggim that are reviewed in Parshat Emor.

We then went and played memory games to see if we could match the symbols of the holidays.

We looked in the Siddur to see if we could find the the letters from Aleph to yud.

We also looked for the letters M-A-Y in a poem about May that we read.

We built our Hebrew names out of loose parts.

In science, we became engineers and tried to build something from our imagination.

We made our English names by gluing or taping loose parts to paper

We played with treasure boxes to again try to build from our imagination.

Our fifth grade buddies came to read to us in Tuesday morning.

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