Maimonides School

Elementary School Program Highlights

Our Elementary School is a hub of activity and energy, with a range of exciting programs and special activities created to complement our Limudei Kodesh and General Studies classes.

Becoming a Mensch

Learning how to be a good human being is a fundamental element of our philosophy. Each year we focus on a middah (value) and weave it throughout our curriculum. Our year-long, schoolwide focus on arvut (mutual responsibility) for the 2016-17 academic year allowed our students to explore the power of words and how we can all have a positive impact on our peers, our school community, and the broader world.

Celebrating Our Students

Students and their families look forward to our milestone events, which highlight learning and growth. Our Kindergarten end-of-year celebration, 1st grade Chagigat HaSiddur (celebration on receiving a siddur), 2nd grade Chagigat HaChumash (celebration on receiving a chumash), 3rd grade Purim Play, 4th grade Explorers Fair, and 5th grade Siyum (completion of study) - as well as our holiday celebrations, Maccabia, and end-of-year bash - create memories that last a lifetime.

Exploring Beyond the Classroom

Our Brookline location provides the perfect home base to take advantage of historical and cultural landmarks in our vicinity, while reinforcing and illuminating lessons learned in the classroom.
Field trips include The Museum of Fine Arts, Plimoth Plantation, Lexington and Concord, Commonwealth Museum, Franklin Park Zoo, and the Teva program at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, as well as numerous theatrical and musical performances.

Love of Hebrew

From the very beginning of their Maimonides education, our students learn Hebrew in classes taught in Hebrew -- Ivrit b’Ivrit. Students also learn in a relaxed social setting at the Shulchan Ivrit (Hebrew table) during lunch, which allows students to practice their conversation skills and have fun with their peers. Led by B’nei Akiva shlichot (volunteers from Israel), this popular lunchtime program is just one of the many ways Maimonides School strengthens the bond our students have with Israel and the language of our people.
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