Maimonides School

Supporting all learners

In the Elementary School, we approach all students as individuals and are able to meet a wide range of learning, behavioral, and social/emotional needs. 
We take great care to assess student learning and growth in order to meet students where they are and enable everyone to succeed. Teachers continuously monitor student learning in order to provide quality support and enrichment opportunities to those for whom it is appropriate. They are supported in these efforts by instructional assistants and learning specialists.


Most academic enrichment for students is provided within the regular classroom. A number of enrichment activities are offered outside the regular classroom. Some activities are self-selecting and open to any interested student, while others – mainly in mathematics and Ivrit - are offered on an individual basis.


A wide variety of support is available to Elementary School students in the areas of Ivrit and English literacy and mathematics, as well as general academic support for both General Studies and Limudei Kodesh. These support sessions usually take place in small groups, both within and outside of the regular classroom. Ongoing decisions and planning for student support services are made collaboratively with the classroom teachers and curriculum coordinators under the direction of the Student Support Services Department Head and school administration, and in consultation with parents.

Additional External Support Services

We have expanded our capacity to meet the needs of all learners by partnering with the Day School Program of Gateways: Access to Jewish Education. Gateways provides specialized services above and beyond, and in coordination with, the school’s existing support services. Their staff includes occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and reading specialists who work with students in and out of the classroom, consult with classroom teachers, and meet regularly with Maimonides support staff and parents.

At times a Maimonides student might benefit from private tutoring, or support services provided by the public schools. Maimonides faculty work closely with all external support providers to ensure that each student derives maximum benefits.

Social and Emotional Growth

In addition to academic goals, we feel it is equally important to help students develop social skills and grow into emotionally healthy individuals. Teachers offer lessons in our social curriculum through organized activities such as Open Circle, the Responsive Classroom’s Morning Meeting, and the Playworks recess program; they also offer less direct social learning throughout the day. Our full-time social worker consults with teachers and parents and works directly with students to fulfill social, emotional, and behavioral needs.
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