Maimonides School

Resources and Support

We are invested in the academic, spiritual and social growth of our students and strive to provide them with the tools they need to be successful at Maimonides. We offer a range of resources, support services and programming to meet the diverse and changing needs of our students.  

Social and Emotional Growth

Upper School is a time of significant growth and change and we support our students by helping them become self-aware and self-advocates. Our full-time social worker is available to guide and support students as well as their parents and relevant faculty members on social and emotional issues. In addition, the Upper School social worker works with students on skills pertaining to time management, stress reduction, and navigating social issues relevant to teens and young adults.

Learning Center

Our Upper School Learning Center provides the academic support needed in order for students with learning challenges to be successful at Maimonides. Students - who have been evaluated - receive content support within the context of their curriculum in English, History, Math, Science and Limudei Kodesh.  Students are also taught study skills and strategies necessary to enhance their abilities as learners in order for them to have a successful school experience. Ongoing communication between learning specialists, grade deans, faculty and parents is an important component of our program and helps us work towards fostering the development of self-advocacy and independence, which are valuable life-long skills that students will take with them beyond Maimonides.

Health Office

Our health office is staffed with a nurse who is available to dispense prescribed medications, as well as meet any health needs which might arise during the school day. In addition, our nursing team provides health education and consultation to faculty and students.

Student Life Team

The Student Life Team makes sure that students find ways to express themselves and join together with others in a wide range of clubs and activities. They collaborate with Student Council to plan schoolwide celebrations and events and supplement programming with guest speakers. 

Library and Media Center

Levy Library, with a combined Judaic and secular collection of more than 15,000 volumes, is part of the Massachusetts State Library System and therefore provides access to an even greater number and diversity of resources through Interlibrary Loan services. Students and staff also have access to a number of online resources, allowing users to utilize extensive reference and research materials.

Additional Resources

Our energetic and enthusiastic Grade Deans provide support and leadership for each grade in the Upper School. In addition to organizing events, fostering a sense of unity and ruach at the grade level, and serving as a liaison with other faculty members, our Grade Deans are eager to help students in whatever ways they can.

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