Maimonides School

Welcome to Maimonides School!

We are always happy to answer your questions. Please see below for the most commonly needed contact information.

Address and Telephone:
Saval Campus
34 Philbrick Road
Brookline, MA 02445
Telephone Numbers:
Saval Campus 617-232-4452
Early Childhood Center 617-795-1847

Fax Numbers:
Elementary School Office 617-739-8683
Middle and Upper School Office 617-566-2061
Business Office 617-566-0933
Health Office 617-300-8855

School Offices:
Early Childhood Center: , 617-795-1847 x305
Elementary School:, 617-232-4452 x300
Middle School:, 617-232-4452 x200
Upper School:, 617-232-4452 x100
Business Office:, 617-232-4452 x402

Betty Gladstein,, 617-232-4452 x419

Early Childhood Center:, 617-795-1847 x305
Grades K-12:, 617-232-4452 x409

Building and Operations:, 617-232-4452 x427

Finance and Accounting:, 617-232-4452 x435

Media Relations:
Michele Snyder, 617-232-4452 x423

Michele Snyder,  617-232-4452 x423

Tuition and Financial Aid:, 617-232-4452 x425
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