Maimonides School

College Counseling

College planning is an exciting time for students and their families. It is our privilege to help guide students and their parents through the preparation and selection process.  
There is no such thing as a “best college”; rather, there are colleges and universities that provide the best fit for each individual student. From among a wide array of colleges and institutions of higher learning, each student will find those that best fit his or her level of ability and achievement, interests and goals.  The role of our College Counseling Department is to help our students and families navigate through this process in order to minimize the uncertainty and maximize the ability to achieve their goals.  
The college counseling process formally begins in January of junior year with our annual College Counseling Night. For the next 16 months we will work with each student individually to explore their options; go through the college selection, application, and admissions processes; and make college decisions. Our hope for all our students is that they will take responsibility for the process, do their best, maintain a sense of humor and perspective, and believe in themselves!  

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