Maimonides School

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 12.14.18

We finished last week with a fun Drama class listening to the story of King Pharaoh’s dreams

We also make cookies using Chanukah shapes for our party

We all had fun adding the ingredients and mixing the dough

On Monday we did a goodbye-Chanukah party, making projects and singing Chanukah songs

On Tuesday we explore how scissors work with different materials

In our free time we enjoyed playing with playdough

Our our walk we met new friends

On Wednesdays we have Drama class. We enjoyed listening to the story of Yosef.

Playing doctor is one of our favorite games. On Wednesday, our gentle “doctors” were trying to help Amalia to “feel better.”

We finished our day with a special new game called “Monkey Zoo,” which was created by our very own Yakira!

Enjoying the latkes we made for snack!

Painting with neirot (candles for) Chanukah!

Decorating different Chanukah symbols

Checking the eggs for our cookies

Pouring in ingredients

And mixing the batter!

Checking out the insides of a pumpkin

And scooping out the seeds

We loved exploring all different kinds of musical instruments.

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 12.6.18

We made a chanukiyah with our bodies in the gym!

Making the flames for our chanukiyah

Making dreidel aprons

Using Chanukah stamps to make lovely pictures


Making swords and shields

Painting dreidels to use in our show

We use real canvas art

Making paper swords for our Chanukah party


We had stars of David, chanukiyot, and kad katan stamps

Using the projector to explore Chanukah symbols


Coloring on the images gave us a chance to interact with them in a fresh new way.

Even though we have been very busy getting ready for Chanukah, we still have time to play


Eyal was “feeling sick” so our “doctors” helped him out


Our “doctors” were very patient and gentle!


We just love being helpful.

We enjoyed playing with playdough

On Wednesday we enjoyed Science with Morah Mimi and discovered the concept of absorbency while observing what can happen if you put cotton balls into water.

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 11.28.18

We loved setting up candles in our chanukiyah.

We created a Chanukiah out of all different types of materials.

We strung beads for our Thanksgiving project.

We decorated dreidels!

Shabbat party fun!

A very exciting science experiment with Morah Tzipi!

We made footprints with elephants, like the ones from the Chanukah story.

Morah Tzipi told us about the parsha!

Decorating a beautiful chanukiyah

Pretending to light candles.

Using blocks to make chanukiyot.

Painting shields like the Maccabim.

We colored on top of our light table!

The students listened to Morah Anna tell the Chanukah story.

Fun in art class!

Decorating candles for a big Menorah

Practicing for our Chanukah party!

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 11.15.18

Our students loved playing in the leaves on our neighborhood walk.

Especially jumping in them!

They even got to lay down in some and watch the clouds go by.

Morah Tzipi found a caterpillar for us to meet. We named him Apples!

We decorated our kad with shiny materials.

Decorating “candles” for our chanukiyah!

Morah Elana read us a special Shabbat story.

We loved exploring the chanukiyah in our classroom.

We placed the “candles” in the holders!

Painting using dreidels was so exciting!

Watering our plants and watching them grow!

On Thursday, we enjoyed Drama class. Everyone really paid attention!

Morah Marion used Yaakov and Eisav puppets to illustrate the parasha story.

We saw real lentils, touched them, and listened to the story of Yaakov and Eisav.

We even made our own lentil soup! Everyone was cutting vegetables and putting them in the big pot.

Thursday afternoon, Morah Tzipi brought to class a special guest--a woolly bear caterpillar!

We finished our week with a beautiful Shabbat Party, eating the lentil soup we made and singing Shabbat songs.

We walk around the school every day collecting leaves, so we decided make one last fall project using beautiful natural materials.

We are very excited to start decorating our class for Chanukah!

Decorating dreidels was so much fun.

Spin the dreidel and create art!

Spin or dip the dreidel in the paint? It’s not easy to decide!

On Wednesday was very cold and we discover the water transfer to ice.

Story time

On Wednesday Morah Anna introduced to the kids Chanukah story and the kids made beautiful Chanukiah

In our walk around the school we saw special guests: it was real turkey

Shh! The turkey coming to visit

Yakov dream, this what we choose from Parashat hashavua Vayaitzai


ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 11.8.18

Rabbi Jaffe taught us all about mezuzot and how to hang them.

Morah Tzipi has the best challah recipe! We loved baking with her.

Watching the yeast bubble was so exciting.

We all got turns pouring flour in.

Obstacle courses were a blast!

We made Esav puppets covered in red hair!

Morah Tzipi taught us about Yaakov and how he liked to learn and daven.

ECC 2 Year Old Photos 11.1.18

We created tents using popsicle sticks.

And all sorts of different colored fabrics!

We played doctor and gave Morah Tzipi a check up!

We davened at our Shabbat party.

We made challah with the 9th grade!

We made beautiful necklaces, like in the parsha.

We also traced camels.

We explored train tracks.

We also enjoyed a neighborhood walk!

We added jewelry to our caravan of camels…

And walked them to a well to give them water!

ECC 2 Year Olds October 25, 2018

We loved decorating this box to use as our tent, just like Avraham Avinu’s.

Morah Tzipi added four openings to our new tent.

We acted out parts of Parashat Lech Lecha with Morah Leah!

Getting creative!

We love projects with paint and leaves!

Spending time in our tent, just like the one Avraham Avinu had.

We love getting our sponges ready to clean up!

Dress up is so much fun!

“Lighting” candles at Shabbat party

Enjoying the outdoors!

A lovely neighborhood walk!

Making all kinds of footprints for Parashat Lech Lecha

And then washing off our animals!

Our budding artists

Exploring different textures

Enjoying a lesson on the parsha

ECC 2 Year Old Gallary 10.18.18

Giant cardboard boxes are fuel for imagination!

We had so much fun making rainbows with watercolors!

We sang about apples with Morah Leah in Music class.

Morah Anna taught us all about Parashat Noach!

We were riveted!

We loved making rainbows with paint and dot art!

We collected leaves for one of our projects for Curriculum Experience Night!

We loved going on a long walk together and experiencing nature!

We have continued to enjoy exploring our class teiva, even after Parashat Noach passed!

We explored a (plastic) bumblebee with magnifying glasses!

We loved decorating a mailbox for Curriculum Experience Night!

We continued our learning about rainbows by creating our own with tissue paper!

Preparing our special leaf project for Curriculum Experience Night

ECC 2 Year Old Gallery 10.11.18

Fruit printing in art

Spending time in our class teiva

Discovering apple seeds

Creating a sun

Shiny things become the stars and moon


Making the land and trees from the Third Day of Creation

Checking out the bumblebees we caught

Fun and dancing with Morah Leah in Music class

Learning about how Hashem created water…


And Earth!

Learning how Hashem created people

ECC 2 Year Old Photos 10.4.18

Learning Torah on our light table
 Playing ball outside!
Painting with lulavim 

Picking schach for our class sukkah
 Making sukkah decorations to bring home
Decorating our class sukkah
Fun in the sun!
Building sukkot with pegs
 Snack time and stories with Morah Robin
Waving his Simchat Torah flag!

Using magnifying glasses and tracing paper to explore a Sefer Torah and Torah letters

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