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ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 12.13.18

We acted out the story of Chanukah. Elhanan was the lookout to warn the Jews when the Yevanim (Greeks) were coming.

We prepared for our Chanukah party by cutting up apples for applesauce.

We had Chanukah/Rosh Chodesh pizza in the cafeteria with the Elementary School for the whole school’s Mesibat Chanukah party!

On Friday, it was so nice out that we decided to daven outside on the playground!

On Monday the Morahs gave out magnifying lenses, and the children went around looking for missing marker caps.

Because we had fun making menus last week for our parents, on Tuesday, we used magnifying lens to look at real menus to find kind of information is on a real menu.

We made a list with Morah Yocheved of words that start with /d/.

We made the letter D with our bodies.

We painted the letter D on papers on the table...

...and on big easel paper.

We also made /D/s with loose parts.

We celebrated Morah Sara’s birthday together with the whole ECC!

 We put a real potato in the dramatic play area, and the children found it fascinating. Elhanan and Dovid worked together to create “potato latkes.”


We put out olives to see if we could squeeze out olive oil. Bella put on “special” gloves in order to see if she could squeeze out the oil by hand.

Last week for Parshat Vayeshev, we made our own k’tonet pasim (striped coats). Some of the children thought it would be fun to show the colored stripes using tape.

The tziporim traced or drew more Chanukah shapes so that we could decorate more for Chanukah!

Taking out the dreidels and seeing how they spin is a fun choice when the children first arrive in the morning.

We did some sponge printing to make the background of our new bulletin board outside the classroom.

Naomi and Noam E. helped grate some potatoes for our kugel.

On Monday afternoon, the students worked together on an elaborate structure in the block area. We kept it until the next morning so that they could continue to add to it and play with it.

We used tissue paper and cellophane to make window hangings in the shape of a jar of oil or a dreidel for the classroom.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 11.29.18

We learned about things that are flexible or rock hard, and related it to social thinking. Can we be flexible in our thinking, or will we get stuck on one thing?

When learning about T and ט, we made some train tracks.

For Parshat Vayeitzei, the children chose different materials to make ladders, like the one found in Yaakov’s dream.


We also acted out Yaakov getting married to Leah and Rachel.


Morah Mimi told us the story of Chanukah, and we learned about the difference between a menorah and a chanukiyah.


We explored the question, “What happens when we spin dreidels dipped in paint?”


We experimented with oil and water, and found that if we put drops of liquid watercolor paint in oil, you can see the little dots of color in the oil.




We also found out that you cannot paint with watercolor paints over oil.



 Something else that we found resisted watercolor paint was the wax from the Chanukah candles. We made drawings with candles, and then went over the paper with water-based paint, and saw our pictures appear where we had made marks with the wax.


We made chanukiyot out of loose parts to decorate our room for Chanukah.


We also made real kosher chanukiyot from pretty tiles that we can use at home on Chanukah.

We used clay to make dreidels…


...candles, and even Hebrew letters.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 11.15.18

Last week, Wednesday was so beautiful that we went for a walk around the school collecting natural treasures. The next morning we explored what types of pictures we could make by dipping the leaves in paint.

We used our leaves to make collages that we can hang in the window.



Morah Tzipi brought in a visitor for us to examine before she released it back outside. It was a woolly bear caterpillar! After looking at the catepillar, we tried to figure out what kind of butterfly it would be by looking in a butterfly book we have in the room.



The children enjoyed acting out the parsha. Elhanan, Naomi, and Yael all pretended to be like Yitzchak, who could not see, and had to figure out who was in front of him using his sense of touch.


 We helped decorate the donation box for the ROFEH toy drive. The children wrote the words, “Please bring in new toys.”



 Last Friday, we had Noa’s school birthday party! She had some very special guests come and join us for our Shabbat and birthday celebration.


 We made a small world in the sand table of the parsha. There was a ladder for Yaakov’s dream, a jar for a well, and recycled containers as tents for Lavan.



Noam E was building a bayit (בית), a house, out of magnatiles.



 Morah Leah taught us that, in music, loud is forte, and quiet is piano. We played a game that we were babies, and we asked if we could have a lullaby that was sung piano or forte.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 11.1.18

 Last Wednesday, Lily and Yael made Avraham’s tent with four doors out of blocks.

We practiced writing the letter א with different mediums to help us recognize it. Here the children were using crayons.

We made “Welcome” signs for our homes because we learned about the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim, inviting guests.

We made salt pictures after learning that Lot’s wife turned to see the destruction of S’dom and turned into salt.

 Elhanan was proud of writing the word “apple” in a pattern of colors.


 Last week, our Shabbat Ima was Ellie, and Shabbat Abba was Noam S.


 We learned that the theme of this year is kehillah, community. The ninth graders came to our classroom to help our students make havdalah candles...


 ...and braid challah dough to make challot for Shabbat.


 The children decided to make their own Shabbat.


 We had a picnic party for Morah Marggie (Margalit).


 While it was rainy on Monday morning, Noa, Shiraz, Noam E, Yael, Yeela, and Bella set up an obstacle course for each other.


 We made self-portraits. The children had a choice of drawing and/or constructing their face from loose parts.


 The children also made necklaces to share with their friends.


We looked at natural seed pods, predicted how many seeds were inside, and guessed whether there would be more seeds in the black or green pods.


 Here is a chart of our experiment.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 10.25.18

 Last week on Wednesday, we learned about footprints in conjunction to the parsha, and how Avram and Sarai left Ur and Haran for Canaan.

 Noam E. showed us how to trace around a foot by tracing the Morah’s foot.


 After we had traced and cut out our own footprints, we used them to measure each other to see how long we were!



 Lily is helping Morah cut out and decorate star-shaped cookies for Curriculum Experience Night.



 We made star pictures to represent how HaShem promised that the children of Avraham would be as many as the stars in the sky



 We made pictures out of sand, because HaShem also promised that Avraham’s children would be as many as the grains of sand


on the shore.


 In Drama class, Morah Marion pretended to be a camel carrying Avraham (Daniel) and Sarah (Yael) through the desert. Toony was helping feed the camel along the way.



 On Friday, Naomi, Noa, Ellie, Noam E., and Shiraz helped decorate the table.

 On Friday, we also had fourth grade buddies come downstairs to read to us.


 This week, Toony and Naomi worked together to build a four-sided tent on a cube frame.


 We learned about the letter א.


We made our own alephs by covering the lines taped to the table with loose parts.


 We also learned the English letter “A.”


 Noa, Elhanan, and Daniel worked together to make a big A out of people and EZ-Aleph pieces.



We found the most As in books, because they have lots of words.

Here Bella, Ellie, and Shiraz are making As in the shaving cream.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 10.10.18

Last Wednesday, the children had their first Drama Class with Morah Marion. They had so much fun acting out the parsha!

We worked on self-portraits by making faces using beads and playdough.

Using the natural materials we collected, we made leaf creations and/or creatures that we could tell stories about, just like the author of Leaf Man, Lois Ehlert.

We made tracks in different ways. First, we made tracks using cars and trucks with ink pads...

...and in the sand.

Then we tried seeing how the tracks would look in shaving cream!

Speaking of making tracks, we traced our own feet…

...and then cut them out to use for a measuring project!

Thank you to everyone who brought in recyclable materials.  The children sorted them on Tuesday into bins so that we can use them in our projects and play.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 10.4.18

Pictures of Sukkot Preparation






Having fun on Sukkot


Learning about the Torah scroll


Then we unrolled the Torah scroll to see how long it was only to find that it was longer than our room.

Making flags for Simchat Torah


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