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ECC Builds on Successful First Year

Early Childhood Center Science

The Maimonides Early Childhood Center (ECC) begins its second year with enrollment at capacity, thanks to a successful launch, a growing roster of committed staff, and a brand new, specially-tailored classroom for two-year-olds.

“I’m excited to have new students, increased classroom space, and a new teacher,” said ECC Director Robin Meyerowitz, noting that this year enrollment across the three age levels is at full capacity with 56 students, “and we have a full waiting list.” 

“We have already received an ECC application for the 2017-18 year!” Mrs. Meyerowitz noted. 

She added that all of last year’s four-year-old students whose families remained in the Boston area have enrolled in Kindergarten at Maimonides.

Almost all ECC staff members have returned, and now the three- and four-year-old classes each have two lead teachers plus an assistant, Mrs. Meyerowitz said. “There are Hebrew speaking teachers in every room, and we have a staff member who speaks Russian as well,” she noted. Joining the faculty is Shayna (Schafer) Yarmush  ’00.

Mrs. Meyerowitz said teacher Laura Bradford “has a real love for nature and science, and she is going to serve as our STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) consultant. She will help the teachers integrate experiential science into their everyday learning, bringing science experiments and activities to all the classrooms and the playground.”

The director said she is looking forward to continued interaction with Elementary School students and teachers. Last school year this included biweekly reading with the fifth grade, project presentations by third graders, and davening and snack with Kindergarten students. There are several opportunities for interaction with Middle and Upper School students as well. The Kindergarten and ECC also came together to plant a garden in their shared playground space.

“We did a lot of activities with the Kindergarten,” Mrs. Meyerowitz said. “The Kindergarten teachers know all our kids.” Meira (Salzberg) Houben ’04 teaches the four-year-olds tefillot with the melodies they will use in Kindergarten. 

The new classroom, built over the summer, will provide a spacious state-of-the-art facility for our youngest students. Mrs. Meyerowitz applauded Director of Operations Merv Alge for his creativity. 


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