Maimonides School

Hot Lunch for Early Childhood and Elementary School Students

The PTA is happy to arrange hot lunch each Monday - Thursday for students in the Early Childhood Center and Elementary School.  With a variety of both dairy and meat options, our aim is to make parents' lives easier while giving your children a warm meal.
To sign up for Hot Lunch, please complete the Hot Lunch form.
About the Hot Lunch program
  • All selections are certified kosher (KVH) and nut-free.
  • All lunches include a fruit and a vegetable.
  • Food will be kept warm in the oven!
  • Juice will be provided on hot lunch days.
  • Menus stay the same for each day of the week.
  • Hot Lunch will be available Monday - Thursday. You may sign up for any number of days you like!
  • We need a minimum of 50 students to sign up for each day of the week. If there are fewer than 50 students signed up on any given day, there will no longer be hot lunch offered for that day of the week.
  • There will NOT be Hot Lunch on Rosh Chodesh as PTA Pizza will be served to those who order it. The number of days with hot lunch has been calculated into the price.  (See calendar and order form above.)
  • If you decide before Friday, October 11 that you no longer want your child to receive Hot Lunch, you may cancel and receive a pro-rated refund. Cancellations after Friday, October 11 will not receive a refund.
  • Payment will be through SmartTuition. 
  • All orders must be received by Monday, August 30.
  • The hot lunch program begins Wednesday, September 4 (first day of school). CHAI Works participants (a Jewish Family & Children's Service program) will once again be volunteering to serve hot lunch.
Please contact LaShanta Freeman or Esther Barth with any questions.
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