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Meet Our Middle School Team

Rabbi Dov Huff
Judaic Studies Principal, Middle & Upper School 
"I discovered from my earliest teaching that to successfully encourage student growth, one must create a culture of learning within the classroom. There must be an ongoing classroom dialogue in which the skills and concepts we teach become an intrinsic part of each student's daily language and experience. Every subject has a specific skill set that needs to be sharpened and reinforced throughout the year. When teaching is done well, students emerge from the learning environment with the motivation and skills to be successful, independent learners."
An alumnus of the class of 2000, Rabbi Dov Huff returned to Maimonides in 2008 as a Middle School Judaic Studies teacher and 8th grade dean. In 2010, he joined the administrative staff as Assistant Principal. He was promoted to his current position in 2015.
Rabbi Huff holds a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from Yeshiva University and a master of arts in teaching from American Jewish University in Los Angeles. He received Smicha in Israel from Rav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, and taught at Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy in Beverly Hills. Rabbi Huff and his wife Elisha reside in Sharon with their four children.

Refael Fadlon
Associate Principal, Middle & Upper School
Refael Fadlon has been teaching at Maimonides since 2005.  In addition to teaching Hebrew language in the Middle and Upper School, he has served for many years as Hebrew Department Chair and as a Grade 12 Dean.
Mr. Fadlon earned his LL.B. (law degree) from Hebrew University (Jerusalem), after which he was a practicing attorney in Jerusalem.  He has earned a Master's in Hebrew Instruction at Middlebury College and a Certificate in Hebrew Language Teaching at Hebrew College.  Mr. Fadlon has held leadership roles in Hebrew programs at Prozdor in Newton and Temple Shir Tikva in Wayland, and served as teaching faculty for the NETA Summer Institute for Hebrew Language Educators in Newton.  He has also been invited by the College Board to serve a five-year term as a test author for the Hebrew SAT 2 exam. 

Dana Bar-Or
Middle School Director
Dana Bar-Or, serving as Middle School Director for the 2018-19 school year, has been teaching Hebrew at Maimonides since 2014 and has served as Grade 8 Dean since 2015. She also served as Middle School Student Development Coordinator in 2017-18.
Prior to Mrs. Bar-Or's time at Maimonides, and her previous nine years as Hebrew instructor and K-8 Hebrew Department Chair at South Area Solomon Schechter Day School, she completed an LL.B. (law degree) in Israel, where she was a practicing attorney in Haifa.  She recently earned Certificates in Teacher Mentorship and Educational Technology from Brandeis and Yeshiva Universities, respectively, at the same time as she served as a consultant for Jewish day schools in differentiated instruction.  In addition to Mrs. Bar-Or's recent participation in Harvard Education School's Principals' Institute, she is currently pursuing a graduate degree from UMass-Boston's School of Education. 

Administrative Staff

Ellen Pulda
Middle/Upper School Executive Assistant

Sharona Vedol
Middle School Administrative Assistant

Grade Deans and Advisors

Stephanie Samuels
Grade 6 Dean

Shayna Yarmush
Grade 7 Dean and Grade 8 Dean

Roberta Wright
Grade 8 Dean


Tina Klarakis
Middle/Upper School Art Teacher


Lora Gibbens
English Department Chair

Dr. Megan Hamilton
Middle/Upper School English Teacher

Stephanie Samuels
Middle School English Teacher

Dr. Katrina Tamvakologos
Middle/Upper School English Teacher

Max Werber
Middle School English Teacher


Barak Cerf
Hebrew Department Chair

Chaya Durani
Middle/Upper School Hebrew Teacher

Dr. Noya Meital
Middle/Upper School Hebrew Teacher

Yael Nuriel
Middle/Upper School Hebrew Teacher

History/Social Studies

Christopher Dore
History / Social Studies Department Chair

Hal Borkow
Middle School History / Social Studies Teacher

Roberta Wright
Middle School History / Social Studies Teacher

Judaic Studies

Rabbi Dov Huff
Talmud Department Chair

Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Jaffe
Tanach Department Chair

Rabbi Yaakov Beker
Middle School Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Eliezer Bercuson
Middle School Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Baruch Goldman
Middle/Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher

Stephanie Samuels
Middle School Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Jason Strauss
Middle School Navi Teacher


Bill Maguire
Math Department Chair

Rita Dunn
Middle School Math Teacher

Irina Kader
Middle School Math Teacher

Ken Rosenstein
Middle School Math Teacher

Physical Education

Hal Borkow
Director of Athletics

Shannon Murphy
Physical Education Teacher

Ryan Walsh
Physical Education Teacher


Christopher Williams
Science Department Chair

Dr. Jennifer Gordon
Middle/Upper School Science Teacher

Ken Rosenstein
Middle School Science Teacher

Katie Smith
Middle School Science Teacher

World Languages

Estefania Torres
World Languages Department Coordinator

Academic Support

Rachel Dayanim
Director of Middle/Upper School Support Services

Robin Fisher
Learning Center Specialist

Maxene Lorraway
Learning Center Specialist

Shmuel Silberman
Learning Center Specialist

Dr. Shawn Smith
Learning Center Specialist

Shifra Gerber
Math Support Specialist

Max Werber
Middle School Substitute Teacher

Student Life

Benji Hain
Director of Student Life

Deborah Mehl
Director of After-School Programs K-7

Student Health

Betty Gladstein
Director of Health Services

Allison Pearce
Middle School Social Worker


Elizabeth Zygadlo
Library/Media Specialist


Clinton Ray
Maintenance Supervisor

Benjamin Alvarado
Facilities Staff

Francois Maxime
Facilities Staff


Shai Bulvik and Hadar Lapid

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