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Schach Sale 2019-20

Add some authentic and fresh smelling schach to spruce up your Sukkah this year!

Minimum order:  $56 for two bundles -- $28 each additional bundle
How Many Should I Order?
It takes approximately 4-6 bundles to cover an 8'x10' sukkah
Orders must be received and pre-paid by Thursday, October 3rd
Pick up is Thursday, October 10th from 7-8pm at Maimonides School
*if we do not receive enough for the grower's minimum order, the offer will be cancelled and we will refund your payment.
Order and pre-pay below:

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at Maimonides

The mission of the Maimonides School PTA is to enhance the programming in and out of school for students and teachers through parent involvement. We strive to help strengthen our community through events on weekends and during school days. PTA works closely with the school administration to find ways to enhance celebrations of Chagim, plan fun activities for students and show our teachers appreciation for all their hard work year round. 

Enhancing the Maimo Experience and Strengthening our Community
The PTA is involved in organizing pizza on Rosh Chodesh, enhancing the celebrations for Chanukah,Purim, Pesach and  yom haatzmaut, the book fair, teacher appreciation week, color war barbeque and much much more!!!
Volunteers Needed!
Maimonides PTA provides support across a wide variety of events, in-school activities and fundraising.  There is a myriad of volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved.  If you would like more information, please contact Alissa Muzin or Debra Milgram

Support our PTA Programs - It's Easy!

Here are a few simple ways to support the PTA and help fund many of the programs occurring throughout the year.
Thank you in advance and happy shopping!
Support us while you shop! Here are some easy ways for you to help the PTA raise money at NO cost to you.
  • Please use this Maimonides PTA/ link to do your Amazon shopping, and our PTA will automatically receive a small percentage of all qualifying purchases.
  • Shopping at the Butcherie: Please ask your cashier to stamp your Butcherie receipts, and submit all stamped receipts to the school office.
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