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Meet Our Early Childhood Center Team

Robin Meyerowitz
Early Childhood Director
Robin has over 30 years of experience in launching and leading early childhood and elementary school programs. Robin was the founding director of early childhood programs in Scottsdale, AZ and Atlanta, GA, and has served as a consultant nationally to numerous early childhood programs, coaching directors on best practices for launching and improving their schools. She was also the director of the Early Learning Center at Yeshiva School in Pittsburgh. Since 2014, Robin has been dedicating her visionary enthusiasm to the inauguration and growth of the Maimonides Early Childhood Center.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, Robin is passionate about creating hands-on learning environments for her students. She believes that early childhood education should be based on imagination and discovery, and our curriculum, designed to impart a love of both Torah and learning, reflects that.

Robin holds a B.A. in Education and Psychology from Columbia University and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Bank Street College of Education. She is married with four children and thirteen grandchildren, and is thrilled to be the founding director of Maimonides School’s Early Childhood Center.

Administrative Staff

Esther Galibov
Administrative Assistant

2-Year-Old Class Team

Anna Agranovich
Lead Teacher

Marggie Burstein
Assistant Teacher

3-Year-Old Class Team

Irit Levitan
Lead Teacher

Erica Kelman
Assistant Teacher

Carolyn (Sara) Silberman
Assistant Teacher

4-Year-Old Class Team

Meira (Mimi) Salzberg Houben
Lead Teacher

Judith Markson
Lead Teacher

Student Life

Benji Hain
Director of Student Life

Student Health

Betty Gladstein
Director of Health Services

Tim Ahn

Patricia King-Oberg


Tina Klarakis
Art Teacher

Linda Nussbaum
Music Teacher

Extended Day/Substitute

Julie Gilson
Extended Day Teacher

Jayme Yellin
Classroom Assistant and Extended Day Teacher


Israel Costa

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