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Welcome to the Maimonides Elementary School, a vibrant K-5 community of learners!

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We are committed to providing an education that nurtures the many facets of a child's intellectual, social, and spiritual development. 

Limudei Kodesh and General Studies are equally emphasized, cultivating in our students a love for Torah and mitzvot as well as literature, science, and mathematics. Instruction is integrated across curriculum areas to make learning come alive so that our students are engaged and excited. Informal educational experiences enhance our students’ connection to Jewish life, as well as their commitment to the local community and Eretz Yisrael.

Through individualized attention, differentiated instruction, and personalized learning experiences enhanced by new technology, we are able to successfully educate a wide range of students with different backgrounds and learning profiles.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in your children’s education. Please visit us to learn more about the Maimonides Elementary School experience -- our doors are always open!
Michal Bessler
Interim Principal, Elementary School  

Our Elementary School faculty shares the following essential beliefs:
  • All children want to succeed and are able to learn and grow.
  • Social / emotional development (middot) are as important as academic learning.
  • Love of learning, willingness to try new things, and persistence need to be fostered in students and teachers.
  • Active learning is much more effective than passive.
  • Teaching and learning are done best in a collaborative, supportive environment.
  • Hard work and effort using effective strategies are more important than ability.
  • Schools need to be warm and inviting places for students and parents.
  • Parents and teachers need to partner together to educate each child successfully.
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