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Welcome to the Middle School at Maimonides!

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Middle School is an extraordinary period of growth and development, which is why even before our students enter Middle School we get to know them as individuals, including their greatest strengths and areas for growth. We strive to give each student a sense of what Middle School is going to be like as we visit them in their current classrooms and invite them to visit us. Once they are middle schoolers, we continue to support them year after year to help them thrive academically and emotionally. 

As a team -- comprising administrators, faculty, grade deans, the director of student life, and our social worker -- we study pre-adolescent development and share best instructional practices in order to engage students and help them succeed. We truly understand the unique developmental stages that our students go through as they progress through the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. These years can be challenging for many students and their families. Our mission is to partner with parents and students to provide an enriching experience during this time of growth and exploration.

In the Middle School students learn from wonderful, caring, engaging teachers while immersed in a full dual curriculum. They experience exciting events, fascinating field trips, and joyous celebrations of Jewish life and Eretz Yisrael, and attain the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the Upper School and beyond.

The best way for you to get to know us is to come for a visit and experience our school in action. We look forward to being in touch with you and your children.

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