Maimonides School

Upper School Highlights

Our students have abundant opportunities to have fun and enhance their learning outside the classroom. 

Bursting with Ruach

Our students bring a unique joy to chagim, celebrations, and special events. From the enjoyment of Rosh Chodesh breakfasts to the unbridled enthusiasm of schoolwide simcha dancing, from the sophistication of the Chanukah Banquet to the silliness of the Purim Shpiel, laughter and energy continuously flow. The annual basketball tournament and pep rally are infused with M-Cat fever as faculty and administration join students in the excitement. This warm and friendly spirit fills our hallways every day. Our school community is eager to welcome visitors and make new friends. 

Upper School Retreat

The biennial retreat is a highly anticipated event on the Upper School calendar! This off-campus event includes Shabbat, fun outdoor activities, lots of ruach, and bonding time.
New friendships are formed, and existing relationships between faculty and students are strengthened.


Deep connections to each other and to the spirit of Shabbat are formed when students and faculty observe and celebrate Shabbat together.
Shabbatonim may take place at school (students and faculty have fun preparing all the Shabbat meals together!), at a local sleepaway camp, or in one of our Maimo communities. Lively divrei Torah and meaningful learning sessions alternate with fun, games, and relaxation to make the Maimo Shabbatonim truly unique experiences.

Student Life Team

The Maimo experience is greatly enhanced by the Student Life Team. These energetic faculty members make sure that students find ways to express themselves and join together with others in a wide range of clubs and activities. They collaborate with Student Council to plan schoolwide celebrations and events and supplement programming with guest speakers. 

Exceptional Speakers

Supplemental speakers add meaning to our students’ educational experiences. Our guests include rabbanim, scholars, scientists, historians, and entrepreneurs from our local community and around the world. Our Yom Hashoah and Yom Hazikaron commemorations feature inspirational speakers who provide moving testimony about their personal experiences.

Color War

Color War at Maimo is unique because it is integrated with Torah concepts and activities, and therefore includes more than just sports and games. Teams also compete in divrei Torah, art, and music. Color War strengthens leadership and teamwork skills, and always shows off our students’ good sportsmanship. This is a great way to celebrate the end of the academic year!

Senior Year

The Maimo Senior Year is bookended by the camping trip at the beginning and the Senior Trip right before graduation. Some of the highlights in between are Project Shalom (one day a week dedicated to helping out in the community), the Senior Project (each student selects a specific area of interest to study in depth), and a trip to the AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. This milestone year culminates with Senior Recognition Night and the Commencement Ceremony.


The bond between Maimonides and the State of Israel is demonstrated by the fact that we were the first Jewish Day School to send our entire Senior Class to the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.
The Policy Conference is the largest annual gathering of Jews in North America, and is a powerful reminder to our students of their important role as they prepare to take their place in the broader community.
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