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English Language Arts

About Our English Language Arts Curriculum

Grade 9 English Language Arts

Grade 10 English Language Arts

Grade 11 English Language Arts

Grade 12 AP English (Full-Year Course)

Grade 12 Shakespeare (Fall Elective)

Grade 12 Where the Wild Things Are: Reading and Writing Children’s Literature (Spring Elective)


About Our Hebrew Curriculum

History and Social Studies

About Our History and Social Studies Curriculum

Grade 9 Jewish History to 1500

Grade 9 Western Civilization 2000 B.C.E. - 1500 C.E.

Grade 10 Jewish History 1500 - Present

Grade 10 Western Civilization 1500 - Present

Grade 11 American History

Grade 11 AP United States History

Twelfth grade students may choose from among the following courses:

Grade 12 The Minority Experience in America

Grade 12 History of the Arts 1900 - 2000 (not offered in 2017-18)

Grade 12 AP World History 1500 - Present


About Our Math Curriculum

Grade 9 Geometry

Grade 10 Algebra I

Grade 10 Algebra II

Grade 11 Algebra II

Grade 11 Algebra II / Pre-Calculus

Grade 11 Pre-Calculus

The 12th grade courses are electives. Students must fulfill prerequisites and qualify for one of the following options:

Grade 12 AB / (BC) Calculus

Grade 12 Discrete Math

Grade 12 Statistics


About Our Science Curriculum

Grade 9 Computational Physics

Grade 10 Chemistry

Grade 11 Physics (changing to biology in 2018-19)

Grade 12 Environmental Science

Grade 12 AP Biology

Grade 12 AP Physics 2

Grade 12 AP Chemistry (not offered in 2017 - 18)


About Our Talmud Curriculum



About Our Navi Curriculum

Grade 9 Navi

Grade 10 Navi

Grade 11 Navi

Grade 12 Navi


About Our Chumash Curriculum

Grade 9 Chumash

Grade 10 Chumash

Grade 11 Chumash

Grade 12 Chumash

Tefillah and Jewish Thought

About Our Tefillah and Jewish Thought Curriculum

Grade 9 Beurei HaTefillah

Grade 10 Beurei HaTefillah

Grade 11 Jewish Thought: The Life of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik

World Languages

About Our World Languages Curriculum

Grade 9 Arabic

Grade 10 Arabic

Grade 11 Arabic

Grade 12 Arabic

Grade 9 Spanish

Grade 10 Spanish

Grade 11 and 11H Spanish

Grade 12 and 12H Spanish


Computer Programming & Design

About Our Computer Programming and Design Curriculum

Grades 9-12 Introduction to Computer Programming

Grades 9-12 Introduction to Design and Human Factors

Grades 9-12 Introduction to Machine Learning

Business and Economics

Grade 11 Fundamentals of Business and Economics


Grade 12 Psychology

Judaic Studies Electives

About Our Judaic Studies Electives

Visual Arts


About Our Art Curriculum

Grades 9-12 Studio Art

Grades 9 - 12 Studio Art Independent Study

Middot and Social Development

Grade 9 Wellness Program

Grades 10-12 Advisory Program

Physical Education

About Our Physical Education Curriculum

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